Monday, December 5, 2011

Frederick has been up to no good...

Ava finds it interesting that the elf that has come to "see if they've been naughty or nice" is himself naughty.

I love that she stands really still and pretends not to look at him in hopes that she'll see him move.
She was pretty sure she saw him move his leg.
Oh, the magic of Christmastime.

I love that they are adamant that NO ONE TOUCH FREDERICK, because the book says he will lose his magic.
Ava supplied an edit to the book...she thinks it should say that adults can safely touch him without running the risk of destroying his magic.
That's 'cause Gido {not knowing the rules} touched him...
Yet he moved to a new location over night.
I think she's on to something!

So, what's our naughty little elf been up to?
Let's see...he set up a zipline for himself from the top of the tree to a our coffee table.

Then he hid in the cone-iferous forest.
Can you spy him?

How about now?

And he got into the popcorn...

I would say he's a proactive little elf...making his own fun 'n all:)
Where will he turn up next?

Wait. And. See!

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