Sunday, December 11, 2011

Frederick's in a Tight Spot

The other night Frederick got himself into a tight spot.
 He shimmied his way into a picture box.

It provided him with a birds-eye view for all that naughty-nice watching he does everyday.
Notice...the sign on top is backwards.  Sloppy work Frederick.
But that 'tight spot' was too much even for Freddy's elf-magic.

The kids were quite surprised {as was I} when we woke up the next morning and Frederick was still in the frame.

There was quite a discussion that ensued.
"Maybe he did lose his magic when Gido touched him."
"Maybe when we touched him through the glass, we ruined his magic."
I reminded the children that they should count their blessings that Freddy didn't make it back to the North Pole to report on the day they had.
That seemed to be of no comfort to them:)

They left for school and hoped he would get himself out of this tight spot.
They suggested I take the sign off the top for I did.

Here's what we came home to...
More sloppy work Frederick.
The kids were relieved to see that his magic was alive and well.

The hunt was on...what kind of situation had he gotten himself into this time?

It seems he was a little tired and hungry after being trapped for the night.

He prepared himself a little meal.
Crawled under the covers.
And made himself at home.

Rest well Frederick.
Until next time...

Monday, December 5, 2011

Frederick has been up to no good...

Ava finds it interesting that the elf that has come to "see if they've been naughty or nice" is himself naughty.

I love that she stands really still and pretends not to look at him in hopes that she'll see him move.
She was pretty sure she saw him move his leg.
Oh, the magic of Christmastime.

I love that they are adamant that NO ONE TOUCH FREDERICK, because the book says he will lose his magic.
Ava supplied an edit to the book...she thinks it should say that adults can safely touch him without running the risk of destroying his magic.
That's 'cause Gido {not knowing the rules} touched him...
Yet he moved to a new location over night.
I think she's on to something!

So, what's our naughty little elf been up to?
Let's see...he set up a zipline for himself from the top of the tree to a our coffee table.

Then he hid in the cone-iferous forest.
Can you spy him?

How about now?

And he got into the popcorn...

I would say he's a proactive little elf...making his own fun 'n all:)
Where will he turn up next?

Wait. And. See!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Oh...that Frederick!

First he tangled himself in the lights.
But, last nights' antics take the cake.

The kiddos woke up to find that he had gotten himself into quite a mess.

The discussion began...
Elle: "Looks like he was making hot chocolate."
Ava: "He even used our Ragelly hot choc."
{You can't see it in the photo, but it's chocolate pie flavoured and has a picture of Raggedy Ann on the front.}
Daddy: {Because he may be the biggest kid in the house!} Hot chocolate with baking powder? I think he was trying to make cookies.

I guess we will never know.
What'll he be up to next?


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Frederick has Returned

And it would appear that he is a little more comfortable in our home this year.
Not surprising as this is his second year 'round here.
Last year, he showed up in a new spot every morning.
Watching over our table...
Nestled in our tree...
Not once did he get into any trouble.
I have a feeling this year is going to be a little different.

That silly elf of ours...he's got a mischievous side.
This morning, I received a call from a certain 9 year-old girl who announced that I "was not going to be impressed!"
It seems Frederick got himself into a bit of a tangle. 

The girls are pretty sure he was using the lights to climb the tree, like a rope, when things went wrong.
Terribly wrong!

We found him at the end of the string of lights, tangled and smirking.
We may be in for some trouble ahead.

Come back to see what other messes he gets himself into.