Sunday, November 20, 2011


One of our favourite holiday traditions is taking our own photos, turning them into cards and sending them out for Christmas.
By some strange alignment of the planets...the pictures were taken, cards were ordered and received all before December first!

With all that extra time on our hands, we decided to one-up ourselves.
Last year, we sealed each envelope with a reindeer kiss.
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This year, we sealed them with a {Frosty} kiss.
Thumbprint Snowmen

personalized with little hands
Classic Frosty 
Googly-eyed Frosty
Frosty a-la 6 year-old hands.
Ear-muffed Frosty
You-be-the-judge Frosty!

 Isn't it interesting that the older the artist...the more 'classic-looking' the Frosty.
Food for thought!


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  1. Love these! Just finished addressing my cards. This will be a great way for my kids to personalize them!


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