Wednesday, September 14, 2011

S is for Studying

As I mentioned before, I'm a student again.
Not that there was ever a time when I wasn't learning.
I'm always learning.
But now I'm officially a student.

I started working towards my Master's degree in Education in August.
The fun continues into the fall with my very first online course.

Having been years since I've engaged in formal, long-term learning, our home was lacking a study space.
A study space for me, that is.
The kids all have desks in their rooms.
Mostly they work on their homework at the kitchen table.
I need a little more than the kitchen table!

Time to carve out a little niche for studying.

I wish I had a BEFORE picture of this little corner of the world.
It was blah.
A big brown leather chair.
A dark brown hand-crafted {by Gido} end table.
That's it.
Lots of brown.

Today it looks totally different.
 We picked up the sign for our anniversary while in Jasper over the summer.
I love the simple reminders.
It's the perfect shade for autumn...don't you think?
The wire basket was a find at a local thrift store.
The desk was not intended to be a desk...more of a sofa table.
We're all about thinking outside of the box around here!
We painted it, roughed up the edges and added an Anthro drawer pull.
The plates were there before the makeover and are all from my mom.
The chair, I think, also came from a thrift store.
It was already that colour.
I know.

The fabric art.
Perhaps my favourite part.
I love that they feel like fall.
That they are quirky.
And that they don't necessarily go together.
But they do complement one some weird, unexpected {to me} way.
embroidery hoop + fabric =  fabric art
They're also a nice contrast to the bold words.

The fabric art was not part of the original plan.
That's why sometimes...sometimes, you have to abandon the plan to really find out what works.

With my very own little corner of the world.
There shall be no excuses for not getting my work done.

~ theresa ~

I'm linking to the fall festival at Nest of Posies.
Join me over there!


  1. That whole corner is just a bunch of CUTE! I love it. I absolutely love the sign and the combo of colors you've used. Very cute :)

  2. I found your post featured on Nest of Posies, and I had to come over and read more because we inherited a chair just like that when we bought our house from the original owners eight years ago. I couldn't believe I was seeing a match!!

    Good luck with your Master's! Enjoy studying in your new space. :)

  3. Can you provide the name of the shop where you bought the sign? I would love one, do you think they have more? Love your study space. Thanks, Vickie

  4. Hi Vicky,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! The link that follows gives you the contact information for The Niche Trading and Clothing Company, where I purchased the sign.
    I hope you're able to get one of your own!

  5. This corner is just perfect in every way! I love everything...the sign, the plates, the fabric hoops...wonderful creation! {And I can finally comment without trouble from blogger!} Angie xo


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