Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lunch Box Blues

I know, I's day two of school and I've got the lunch box blues?
It's a sad story.
But someone's gotta tell it.

Instead of wandering the aisles of Superstore looking for inspiration to smack me in the face, I've been wandering the virtual aisles of web-land.
And let me tell you, there are some pretty smart cookies out there!

Look out kids, your lunch boxes are about to get a makeover.

Fun Idea #1. Fruit-Kabob's
Not a new idea, but clever and refreshing all-the-same!
Everything tastes better on a stick, right?
Martha Stewart Living

Fun Idea #2. Stegosaurus-esque Subs
Usual ingredients.
Unusual presentation.
Mountains and Forest Sandwich

Fun Idea #3. Checker-board Sandwiches 
One slice o' whole-wheat/whole-grain bread + one slice white {enriched hopefully} bread + a little fliperoo = one fun little sandwich.
Checkerboard Turkey Sandwich

Fun Idea #4. What was that about everything tasting better on a stick?
Salad on a stick?
That's right friends...
Salad on a Stick - Image Collection

 Fun Idea #5. Seriously? This is too much fun!
Sandwich on a stick?

Fun Idea #6. Pocket Full of Rulers
This is a fun twist!
Crunchy veggies, lettuce and some honey-mustard dressing tucked neatly inside a pita pocket.
veggie pita

Fun Idea #6: Lunch Box Notes
I picked these up at Michael's for about 20 cents for a pack of five.
They're laminated, so a little durable.
The messages are fun...and a gentle reminder about what's really important.

Fun Idea #7: Popcorn Mix
Really anything goes...but my little munchies like popcorn, pretzels, pumpkin seeds and something choclatey.
Sure beats crackers in a baggie! 
Fun Idea #7: Tomato Soup 
Provide a little grated cheese for sprinkling and some fishy crackers for swimming and you're set.
Retrieved from

Fun Idea #8: Fabric Snack Bags
In our summer travels we came across a Farmer's Market and a vendor with reusable snack bags for sale.
These are lined with food-safe laminated fabric.
Make snacking fun and save Mother Earth.
We've recruited Baba to make these for us in a variety of sizes!

Fun Idea #9: Special Birthday Lunches
I love birthdays for many, many reasons.
Not the least of which is that birthdays are...pick-whatever-you-want-for-your-lunch-days.
And that usually means I don't have to make it!
Sadly, it also usually means Lunchables?
Those boxes of anti-nutrition.
Packed full of preservatives and saturated fats.
Enjoyed {if that's the right word} by my children but once a year.

With this year's work schedule, birthday lunches may mean date-with-mom.
Fingers crossed!

Fun Idea #10: Get inspired! this one might fall into the I-don't-have-time-for-that-category, but it's pretty cute, isn't it?
There are a tonne more ideas just like it over at Funky Lunch - they also teach about healthy eating.
Timely, I'd say.

What are some fun things you pack in your child's lunch box?
Please excuse me...while I slip out to buy a share in the skewer-company.

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