Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer {Un}Fun List #1 {Caught in a Hail Storm}

Yesterday was a glorious day spent on the beach...
Making sandcastles.
Dipping my feet in the lake.
Feeding ducks and watching turtles.
Cruising the Farmer's Market.
Just glorious.

Let's backtrack a few days to the not-so-glorious beginning to our adventure.
Picture this...
We're heading towads Jasper National Park where we plan on staying the night.
All is well.
All except for the looming clouds in the distance.
We don't think too much of them.
I snap a few pictures.
It looks like two storm systems are meeting in the sky.

A small conversation ensues about the one suitcase in the back that will be wet if the rain begins.
Never did we imagine what was about to happen.

Very large raindrops begin to fall.
The kind that make a surprising noise and leave a ripple effect on your window.
Those were very quickly followed by toonie-sized hail stones.
The sound was defening as they pelted the truck and the trailer.
The road quickly resembled winter driving conditions.
We waited it out on the side of the road with the other travellers who too, had been surprised.
With the storm passing by and the wipers now able to keep the windsheild clear, we continued on our way.
But not before scooping up a little memento...

We arrived in Jasper, safe and sound.
Set up the trailer and tucked ourselves in for the night.

What a beginning!
Let the adventures continue!

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