Sunday, July 3, 2011

Summer Fun List 2011

My peeps and I came up with a little list to keep us on track over the summer holidays.
This list is our reminder to put first things first.
It's play first, then work.

Important things to do...
  1. see fireworks
  2. go to a pool
  3. have a tea-party
  4. go to the splash park
  5. make s'mores
  6. go on a picnic
  7. have a no-electronics day
  8. eat ice cream 
  9. float down a river
  10. go to the Farmer's Market
  11. have a PJ day
  12. go for a hike
  13. sleep in a tent
  14. make a lemonade stand
  15. build a fort
  16. write a story
  17. make dinner for another family
  18. make a bird feeder
  19. go white water rafting
  20. swim in a lake
  21. read on the beach
  22. send a postcard
  23. mini-golf
  24. cousin time
  25. go go-Karting
  26. soak in the hot springs
  27. water gun fight {inlcuding mom, Kieran's orders!}
  28. badminton tournament
We've made our list and checked it twice.
The bucket that holds the fun and the album that will hold the memories are ready to go.
Check back for updates on our progress.


p.s. I'm pretty confident we'll make progress...especially since the kids wanted to squeeze all 28 things to do into our first days off!

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