Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Holiday Clock is A-Tickin'

Three weeks ago we left home to embark on our yearly camping trip.
And what a trip it has been!
From sunshine and horseback riding to hiking in the Rockies and mountain biking along the Kettle Valley Railroad.
It's coming to an end...but we are left wtih memories that we will cherish for a lifetime.
Airtime courtesy of the Markos! Our many thanks:)
A cowgirl-in-the-making.

Should I? Or shouldn't I?
I'll jump if you jump...

Outriding the rattlers!
In horsey-love!


Stand-up paddle-boarding.

 As our summer holidays end, we'll hold onto these memories forever.
Let the sunshine continue!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

To Market, To Market {Summer Fun List #10}

Summertime is like no other time of the year.
Camping away from home is the place to be!
No schedule. No place to be.
No beds to make. No floors to wash. No lawn to mow.

With all those 'small rocks' out of the way, we have more time for the 'big rocks'.
Check out our Summer Fun List {and our progress} here.
Like meandering our way through the crowds at the Farmer's Market.

Reaquainting themselves with the poi-ball.

Ava was intrigued by the lady making glass beads.
Spud Stix
Perhaps the yummiest invention to date.
The Market was full of local talent.
It was a perfect way to spend a Saturday.

Monday, July 11, 2011

I'll Jump if You Jump

We stumbled upon a little treasure.
A place where your courage is put to the test.
A moment in time where sibling rivalry rears its ugly head.

As we strolled along the Kettle Valley Railroad {where trains once thundered past} we watched in awe as people jumped from the bridge into the water below.
To be honest, it didn't actually occur to me at that moment that my kids would soon be begging me to let them jump off the bridge.
{Cue over-protective parent thoughts.}
As we approached we could see that there was an actual platform with ladders attached.
That means it's safe...right?

 Hope so...
"I'll jump if you jump..."

Now they're begging to go back!

Summer {Un}Fun List #1 {Caught in a Hail Storm}

Yesterday was a glorious day spent on the beach...
Making sandcastles.
Dipping my feet in the lake.
Feeding ducks and watching turtles.
Cruising the Farmer's Market.
Just glorious.

Let's backtrack a few days to the not-so-glorious beginning to our adventure.
Picture this...
We're heading towads Jasper National Park where we plan on staying the night.
All is well.
All except for the looming clouds in the distance.
We don't think too much of them.
I snap a few pictures.
It looks like two storm systems are meeting in the sky.

A small conversation ensues about the one suitcase in the back that will be wet if the rain begins.
Never did we imagine what was about to happen.

Very large raindrops begin to fall.
The kind that make a surprising noise and leave a ripple effect on your window.
Those were very quickly followed by toonie-sized hail stones.
The sound was defening as they pelted the truck and the trailer.
The road quickly resembled winter driving conditions.
We waited it out on the side of the road with the other travellers who too, had been surprised.
With the storm passing by and the wipers now able to keep the windsheild clear, we continued on our way.
But not before scooping up a little memento...

We arrived in Jasper, safe and sound.
Set up the trailer and tucked ourselves in for the night.

What a beginning!
Let the adventures continue!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Summer Fun List 2011 {#24 Cousin Time}

We spent Canada day celebrating how proud we are to be Canadians...with the best possible company.
The cousins.
Carnival Fun
Those are the biggest smiles I've ever seen;)
The view from the top {of the armoured vehicle}.

Timeless fun.


What a way to start the summer.
Let the memories continue!


Summer Fun List 2011

My peeps and I came up with a little list to keep us on track over the summer holidays.
This list is our reminder to put first things first.
It's play first, then work.

Important things to do...
  1. see fireworks
  2. go to a pool
  3. have a tea-party
  4. go to the splash park
  5. make s'mores
  6. go on a picnic
  7. have a no-electronics day
  8. eat ice cream 
  9. float down a river
  10. go to the Farmer's Market
  11. have a PJ day
  12. go for a hike
  13. sleep in a tent
  14. make a lemonade stand
  15. build a fort
  16. write a story
  17. make dinner for another family
  18. make a bird feeder
  19. go white water rafting
  20. swim in a lake
  21. read on the beach
  22. send a postcard
  23. mini-golf
  24. cousin time
  25. go go-Karting
  26. soak in the hot springs
  27. water gun fight {inlcuding mom, Kieran's orders!}
  28. badminton tournament
We've made our list and checked it twice.
The bucket that holds the fun and the album that will hold the memories are ready to go.
Check back for updates on our progress.


p.s. I'm pretty confident we'll make progress...especially since the kids wanted to squeeze all 28 things to do into our first days off!