Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Tale of a {first} Triathlon

The Tale of a {first}Triathlon begins with an early morning wake-up call.
Add a healthy breakfast...double check for the necessities...and we're off.

After loading and unloading the bikes in the rain...setting up the bikes, towels and runners in the transition area in the rain...we headed indoors for some final words of wisdom.
My favourite?
"Stay out of the puddles 'cause you don't know what's in 'em!"

The excitement and anticipation shifts to nervousness as they wait to take the plunge.

In no time, the whistle blows and the first triathletes are in the water.

There's just enough time for her to catch her she heads off to the transition area.

After a quick change {addition of helmet, runners and sweater} she's off and running.
 Following a 1km bike ride, she's back and ready to run.

That's my girl...she's completed a swim, a bike ride and a run in the rain...and she's still singing!

A glorious race ends with the much-anticipated medal.

Way to go peanut - I'm proud of you!

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