Saturday, June 18, 2011

Splish-Splashin' Good Time {Part 2}

I'm starting to think that Mother Nature has it in for me.
If it's not blizzards, it's torential downpours.

Since we were greeted with this, this morning...
We were forced into plan B.
Indoor swimming.

They don't seem to mind!

Plan B means no barbecue.
No soda chilled in a bucket of ice.
No self-serve fruit and veggies.
No pretty little table with orange and blue tissue balls.

It means instead...a bagged lunch.
And pizza delivery.

Birthdays are all about the little things.
Especially those little things that are not a part of your everyday.
On any given day {except today} you will not find prepackaged carrots and dip in my fridge.
And...unless we're planning a camping trip, you won't find bottled water in the pantry.
The chips?
Okay...those you WILL find in my pantry on any given day.
Unless I beat you to them!

The goody bags survived the change in plans.
The birthday gal decorated the bags herself.
Somethin' Fishy gummy fish.
Juicy Fruit gum...all dolled up.
And a bouncy ball.

We knew a few days ago that the weather was ify at best.
We decided to go with cupcakes, because they're easier to deal with than slices of cake.
Surfboards ridin' the waves.
Mother Nature has given a different meaning to the phrase Splish-Splashin' Good Time!
But it will be a good-time nonetheless!


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