Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Take Some Time Tuesday {4}

I don't usually mix business & pleasure over here at All is Well.
I usually keep my 'job' out of this space.
Not today.
Today I'm taking some time to celebrate my true passion.

Some call it teaching.
I think of it more as growing leaders.

This post comes at an interesting time.
A time where the government is proving how little it values education.
The government delivered a budget that leaves my school-board with a $14 million plus shortfall.

Regardless of the state of the institution of education. Regardless of how little it is valued {by some}...
Everyday I get in my truck and drive to the elementary school where I work.
I do the usual...prepare lessons and materials...plan field trips...but it's not until my students arrive that the valuable work gets under way.
When that morning bell rings, it is clear that this is not a job.
It is not something I am obliged to do. It's not a duty.
It is my responsibility. My calling, if you will.
It's my passion.

Those of you who know me in real life...know that I am very passionate about what I do.
I take teaching children very seriously.
Not curriculum...but children.
Yes, I cover the curriculum but my number one priority is those little people sitting in front of me everyday.
Their self-confidence and their self-esteem. 
How can I structure their day so they can experience success around every corner?
That's the question that frames my decisions.

Over the past year I have had the most unbelievable opportunities.
It began last summer when a colleague and friend of mine and I, packed up our husbands and headed to Pennsylvania.
We attended the Leader in Me Global Education Summit and our lives were forever changed.
We met Miss Muriel Summers and her student leaders from A.B. Combs and learned about how she is changing the world...one leader at a time.
No kidding.
She is changing the world.
Miss Muriel is in the centre.
In February, we boarded the plane and were on our way to San Antonio for The Leader in Me Symposium.
We again listened to Muriel Summers {and may or may not have done the ugly cry} and Principal El.
Me, Principal El, Amy
We learned about life-changing work that our children deserve.
They deserve to be valued for who they are...not how they score on a test...nor where they come from.
They deserve to learn skills that will allow them to be successful in today and tomorrow's world.
They deserve to be taught leadership skills.
To be taught how to put first things first.
To be taught how to be kind, but courageous.
To do the right thing even when no one is watching.
They deserve to be leaders.

At the school where I teach, the staff is phenomenal.
We all believe in children.
We greet them by name every morning.
We respect our students.
We facilitate their learning.
We celebrate their successes and help them learn from their stumbles.
We set goals and we track progress.
Everyday, we value every child for who he or she is.
We bring the leader out from within each child.
It's just what we do.

I cannot believe my luck.
I get to go to work everyday and do what I love.
What more can I ask for?


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