Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Take Some Time Tuesday {3}

This week, I'm taking some time to get a project done.
I'm technically getting it started...but that gets me closer to getting it done!

It's a long-overdue project.
A project that I think about ev.er.y.day.
Everyday when I come down the stairs and see this sad looking wall...

and I think about giving it a make-over.

I imagine some precious subway art {currently in the works} and some photos mounted on canvas.
But it can't be just any old canvas art.
It has to be made of the right stuff.
The right stuff?
That's what I think, when I imagine some canvas on my walls.
Three pairs of little feet
{okay...some aren't so little anymore. all the more reason to wrap this baby up.}

I took out the camera...brushed off my very limited photography skills and set to work.
I snapped a whole bunch of photos and edited some using Picasa3.
Here's what I came up with...
All very similar but slightly different.


Now...to choose one to send away to the canvas-making-gods.
Any suggestions?


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