Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Take Some Time Tuesday {2}

I'm choosing to stay calm.
To not fret over the 7000+ photos that sit in computer-land.
That, if my computer crashed, would be gone forever.
{excuse me as I wipe my sweaty palms and take another deep breath}
Today I'm taking some time to celebrate some of my favourite photos that have moved from my camera, onto my computer, but may have gone no farther.
They are all my favourites because they speak volumes.
About character. Love. Memories. Life.

May I draw your attention the the bare-bummed little one on the right.
Guess who?
Yes...that's 3 year-old Ava...triumphant in the ocean!

In July 2007 we packed up our car, our tent and our kiddos and spent three weeks camping on the coast of B.C.
It rained.
A lot.
But...if we hadn't ventured out, we wouldn't have photos like this to share!


We went whale-watching in search of  an Orca or two.
They eluded us, but we got up close and personal with this Humpback.
Worth a thousand words.
 Pike Place Market ~ Seattle
Lemonade for Sale!
The process of choosing these photos has reminded me of two things.
Number One...we've made a lot of memories with our kiddos.
Number Two...I really have to do something with all the photos stuck on my hard drive!

Thanks for taking some time!

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