Sunday, May 8, 2011

On Being a Mom

One of my very smart friends once wrote, "being a parent is both the hardest and best part of every single day."
She's so very right.

On any given day we feel pride and joy, frustration and that if-I-have-to-pick-up-one-more-pair-of-socks-from-the-floor-and-put-them-in-the-laundry-basket-I-may-just-lose-my-mind type of despair.
But no matter wouldn't change it for the world. Period.

I'll pick up those socks in exchange for an unsolicited, "I love you Mom."
I'll sweep up what seems like unending moon sand for tickets to a dance recital.
I'll even put dishes in the dishwasher {when they could have done it themselves} in exchange for an hour in the stands at a hockey or ringette game.
There is just something about those kiddos of mine that helps me keep my priorities straight.

Today, we spent the afternoon together. Just the five of us.
We walked past century-old building housing unique little shops full of temping treasures.
We shopped and talked, snapped photos, sipped on Starbucks and enjoyed one anothers' company.

I feel like the luckiest mom alive.
If I ever get caught up in the small rocks, the things that just don't matter, please send me back to these photos.

Happy Mom's Day!

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