Sunday, May 29, 2011

Happy Campers Report Here

We had the.most.fantastic.weekend.
Celebrating. Visiting. Shivering. Swatting.
We headed for a campout to celebrate the upcoming birthdays of two special little people.
Liam & Elle

We were eaten by mosquitoes.
Swarmed by May flies.
Scorched by the sun.
Frozen by the wind.

More importantly...
We played at the park.
Sat on the pier.
Ate {& drank} lots of sugary junk.
Enjoyed each other.
Gave underducks
Posed for pictures.
Ate trifle camp-out style.
Hitched rides.
Enjoyed lemonade with or without kick.
Scavenged for goodies.
 We celebrated.
It. Was. So. Fantastic.
I do believe we just created a new family tradition.

 p.s. {Come back to see all the party particulars!}

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