Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Campers Report Here

In the midst of all the fun we had camping...we threw in a Happy Camper Party for good measure.
Right out there in the middle of the campsite wilderness was a lovely little burlap table {leveled with bowls under the legs} covered with goodies to entertain the kiddies.

We began by posting the signs...
I must really trust her...that's an axe in her hand!
Steph {Liam's mom} & Gido crafted these little numbers from scrap lumber. Nice work!
About that...complete fire ban = no campfire ahead:(
Then we set the table...
Happy Camper Bunting

Storage for the scavenger hunt goodies.
Chocolate-Skor trifle...Y.U.M.
Hobo Sticks

Happy Campers Crunch
All the cousins...all decked out! The shirts were in the hobo bags...
Baba and Gido with their gang...3 grandkids were missing...we'll get 'em next time!
As they wandered around searching for items on the scavenger hunt list, they nibbled on their happy camper crunch.
When all items had been gathered, they filled their treasure jars...
Then the party continued with moments like these...
What do you think they're scheming?


One of two uncles would be so humble...
And the other uncle wraps camp-out-style...
Not sure what his face is saying...I warned him that it would appear on my blog!
 Safe to say...we made memories!
 By far...this was the most fun I've had at one of my kids' parties.
Maybe it's because it was a group effort.

Okay family...mark your calendar for the same time next year!

I'm linking to these fun parties...

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Happy Campers Report Here

We had the.most.fantastic.weekend.
Celebrating. Visiting. Shivering. Swatting.
We headed for a campout to celebrate the upcoming birthdays of two special little people.
Liam & Elle

We were eaten by mosquitoes.
Swarmed by May flies.
Scorched by the sun.
Frozen by the wind.

More importantly...
We played at the park.
Sat on the pier.
Ate {& drank} lots of sugary junk.
Enjoyed each other.
Gave underducks
Posed for pictures.
Ate trifle camp-out style.
Hitched rides.
Enjoyed lemonade with or without kick.
Scavenged for goodies.
 We celebrated.
It. Was. So. Fantastic.
I do believe we just created a new family tradition.

 p.s. {Come back to see all the party particulars!}

Friday, May 27, 2011

Happy Camper Party {Sneak-Peek}

We're pitchin' the tent and havin' a campout!

Elle is 9 and Liam is 7...what better reason to pack-up and head-out to the campsite for the weekend?

Here's a sneak-peek at the Happy Camper's Party that's in the works!


Lemonade with Kick makes for Happy BIG Campers!



Our little campers are impatiently waiting for us to I'm off to take care of the final details.

Hiddy-Ho campers, we'll see you on the flip side of the party!