Friday, April 8, 2011

Spring has last.

There have been two spring-sightings this week 'round these parts.

The first was when my little Ava came running skipping into the house squealing..."I found an ant! I found an ant!"
A sure sign of Spring.
The next sighting was a little less exciting.
It had something to do with the melting of the incredulous amount of snow that has accumlated in our backyard...a little to do with the fact that our backyard is graded toward our house...and a lot to do with the +10 degree temperature.
Any guesses...??

Yup, water in the basement.
A large pain...but a sign of spring nonetheless!

To celebrate the arrival of this very tardy guest, I made-over my mantel.
Which, if you will recall, is really our piano.
Book-page eggs...check out my tutorial here.
Spray painted twigs in my antique enamel pitcher.
Books stripped of their covers {PB inspired} and ceramic birds...
The whole picture.
If you'd like to see my mantel sweetened-up for Happy Hearts Day, click on the link.
How 'bout my mantel in all it's Halloween glory?


  1. Love the spray painted twigs. Your mantel looks great.

  2. looove all the white with the touch of blue. awesome mix of textures and elements. the white pops off your wall color. gorgeous!

  3. It all looks so clean and crisp, love the blue branches! Visiting from Tatertots & Jello.


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