Sunday, April 3, 2011

Operation Sleepy Owl Party - Phase 1

You may remember that waaaay back in January, my baby turned 6.
I celebrated by listing 6 things we love about her.
We also threw a family party for her and her big brother.

We're finally planning her friend party.
We usually wait until this time of year, so we can give it the attention it deserves.
All the ice sports have drawn to a close which leaves us with some free time on the weekends.
Party time!

Ava has decided on a sleepy owl party.
Like her mom, she can't resist those cute little owls we see everywhere.
The invitations go out tomorrow...and here's what her guests will see when they open their envelopes.
I printed my own invitations and used scraps and other things I had on hand to embellish the owls. 
I cut the invite into an owl-body shape and glued it onto a piece of paper to form the head.
I used a 1" punch for the eyes and cut a triangle for the beak.
Next, I added buttons to the eyes.

I cut out the ears and added some wings.
 The wings can be lifted to reveal the details of the party.
A parliament of owls!
With Phase One of Operation Sleepy Owl Party complete...the real fun begins...planning the goodies and the games!


I'm linking to these parties:


  1. Aww, man. Why'dja blur the address? a and I were totally going to show up! :D

    You know, I'm happy you posted this/ a turned 6 in January also, and we did the family party, but the friend party had to be put off due to a blizzard here. It just....kept....snowing. No weekend was safe to drive in. This being her first school year, I was really looking forward to doing a friend party and was trying to talk myself into doing it now.

    I think I will. :)

  2. My DD is having an owl pyjama party in June so I will be checking back to see your ideas, Love the invitations.

  3. Super cute invites!! I hope you'll stop by and share them at the Tuesday To Do Party!



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