Saturday, April 16, 2011

It's {Sleepy Owl} Party Time!

I want to back-up just a bit...
and give a little insight into why I chose an owl-themed party for my Ava.
She's a real girlie-girl. so a princess party would have worked.
Or, maybe a dog-themed party since she loves our Charlie so dearly.
So...why did the owl theme prevail?
Owls are wise. That's why.
And, Ava is wise.
Just ask her...she knows.
She knows that 3+4=7. Sometimes it's 6, or 2, or 18...but sometimes it's 7.
She knows that j.u.m.p. spells jump. Thanks Dick and Jane.
She knows that if she tiptoes across the hall she can sneak into our bed at any and all hours, and will never be turned away.
She knows just how to press people's buttons.
She knows that if you lose a tooth and leave it in a jar of water, the tooth fairy will dive in for the tooth.
She also knows that the colour of the water tells you the colour of her dress.
She knows to say please and thank-you.
See? I told you...
Ava is wise.

Her Sleepy Owl Party was today. {even though she actually turned 6 in January}
They coloured, searched for eggs, made finger-puppets, got messy with chocolate, munched and took the cupcakes and sleepy owls to go.
It was a hoot! sorry, couldn't resist;)
Grab a cup of tea and get comfy...this could take a while:)
The Sleepy Owl himself {I made each from made for easy sewing!}.
...and his parliament.
We enjoyed the owls' nests...even though real owls don't usually build their own nests!
Some of the goodies...sidewalk chalk and owls' nests.
Sleepy Owl cupcakes.

Cupcakes displayed on a dendrodisc {tree cookie}.

An impromptu bed in the living room begs to be somersaulted upon!
...and jumped upon.
Trying to decide on which sleepy-owl to call her own. Checking out the snuggle-factor.
But I l.o.v.e. them all.
Clipboards with activity sheets ready to go. Each guest's was monogrammed and jazzed up with some ribbon.
Those little hands remind me of how little she really is...but don't tell her she's little. She's SIX!
The birthday girl admiring her colouring.
As the guests arrived, they began to colour on the 'bed'.
Those same little hands crafting finger puppets.

Going on an egg-hunt...each guests found an egg filled with mini-eggs...then used them to make a sweet lil' snack...
Mmmm...chocolate nests.
Looks like I have another sleepy owl.
Everyone left with a bag full of goodies and smile!


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  1. What a memory you created! I've seen lots of theme parties (and did them in my day when my kids were little!) but this is beyond great!! I'm thinking this would be fun even for my COLLEGE girls to celebrate THEIR next birthday (which will be their 20th!)

  2. CUTE! I love all things owls and would love to have a sleepy owl party! I really love your cupcakes. So very cute. Thanks for posting.
    I'm your newest follower

  3. WOW! that is So stinkin cute!!! what a fun idea :) those cupcakes are amazing!!!!

  4. That is great! Looks like a good time

  5. zomg... the cuteness, the color... the sheer energy and work involved in that... really comes shining through! A labor of love and it shows!! :)

  6. Absolutely ADORABLE party! Its clear your sweet Ava enjoyed every bit of it! Thank you so much for sharing it at the Tuesday To Do Party!


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