Monday, March 28, 2011

The Plan

My kids are so lucky.
They have a lot of cousins.
Lots of cousins who they are close to.

To celebrate the beginning of our Spring Break, we headed to Baba & Gido's for a few days.
Ava was beside herself ~ the cousins were going to be there!
It had been months since she'd seen 'her Chlo-Chlo'.

Chloe and Ava are great friends.
They play so well together.
But...that hasn't always been the case.
You see...when Ava was little, she had a thing for Chloe's dad - Uncle Stacey.
When he was around...Ava wanted no one else.
Since Chole is only 2.5 months older than Ava...she had a problem with that!
Things are better between them, since Ava doesn't try to monopolize her dad.
We had not even left the city limits when the familiar phrase crossed her lips.
Are we there yet?
We all groaned, ecnouraged her to look out the window and then ignored her when she asked that question about 40 more times!
It was to be a looooong drive.

I'm not sure we had even come to a complete stop before all three of our kiddies unbuckled and bolted out the doors and into Baba and Gido's house.

Ava and Chloe skipped off down the hall...not to be seen or heard from for hours!
When they did emerge, they had a plan!
I apologize for the mirror-images...The Plan went through the wash in daddy's pocket!

I want to take you on a tour of The Plan, beginning in the top left corner and moving clockwise...
The Stars mean they planned on staying up late.
The two girls in the rectangle represent the movie they planned on watching on the mini-dvd player.
Then they were going to get dressed - Ava had picked out clothes to wear from Chloe's suitcase.
Apparently, this is a long-term plan...because the Easter Bunny {who won't visit for another month} made the cut.
The clouds next to the person with the crazy hat means they planned on waking up early.

Notice the check-marks on each part of the plan.
I think it's safe to say that their plan was successful.
They did everything they set out to accomplish.

I hope these two little girls know how lucky they are to have one another.
When I look at these pictures...I'm pretty certain they understand!

I think the plan is...friends for life.


Thursday, March 24, 2011


I am so pleased to be guest blogging over at The T-Shirt Diaries today!
Where else can you learn how to upcycle vintage buttons and create these little beauties?
Thanks for this opportunity Robin!
Let's begin...
I began with these Pottery-Barn-induced dream-scapes...
Oh, sweet Pottery I love thee.
Nest - $24
Book Bundle - $39
Set of 11 - $19.
Keys ~ Set of 7 - $19
Alas, I do not have $101 kicking around for a Spring vignette.
But...I do have loads of plastic Easter eggs, some vintage books thrifted from the second-hand store and some decorative goodness stashed away, just waiting for a new home.

In the spirit of the Stashbust...let's upcycle some tacky looking eggies into some chic decor.
Begin by gathering your supplies.
Plastic eggs, old books, a paper cutter,  Mod Podge, a paintbrush...

Cut your book pages into thin strips - the thinner the strips, the flatter they will lay when you Mod-Podge them on to the eggs.
Roll up your sleeves and prepare to get sticky!
Apply mod-Podge to the egg.
Lay the paper strips over the Mod-Podge, being sure to cover every itty-bitty spot of plastic.
Finish with a thin layer of MP over the paper layer.

Allow to dry.

Once your upcycled eggs have dried, group them together for a fabulous spring vignette.
There you have it ~ my own PB-inspired vignette on a shoestring!
Thanks again Robin!
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Monday, March 14, 2011

Don't Cry Over Broken Glass

What do you do when you break the glass to a picture frame?
Get new glass cut?
How 'bout making a wreath?
And...just in time for Spring too...nothing like a little mossy goodness to freshen things up!
And a rectangular wreath - so fresh and fun!

Here's the method to my madness...

Apply Mod Podge to an area of the frame.
Apply moss...
This is the point where I realized that Mod Podge was not the way to go.
I did not have the patience to hold each piece in place.
On to plan 'B'.

Apply hot glue and cover with moss.
There...that's better.
No waiting.
None of that 'being patient' nonsense.
After I covered the front, I flipped it over and wrapped the moss around the back.
I added some egg-like berries from a stem I bought last year at the dollar store.
I removed these plain-Jane white eggs from the nest.
I added blue eggies and a ceramic bird that I had on hand.
A bright blue ribbon adds a little 'Spring' to the wreath.
My new wreath...hanging above our piano.
I'm working on the piano-top vignette to go with my new wreath...
Come back and see what I come up with!


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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Spring's Just Around the Corner just so happens that the corner it's around is 18 city blocks away and there are windrows of snow 8 feet high and icy streets in the way...
But I's just around the corner!

I admit, it's a little hard to think Spring when the mercury falls below - 32 degrees {Celsius} which converts to...FREAKING COLD...that's what!
- 32 degrees {Celsius} not cold enough for you?
Okay then, let's throw in a windchill of -46 degrees.
actual temperatures from February 25th
It's safe to say that I've had ENOUGH!!
But you know me, always a I believe Spring will arrive.
Let's will it out...shall we?!
Can you spot Spring in this picture?

Here's a little wardrobe update to get you started.

Begin with fabric circles of any two coordinating colours.
Throw in a felt-circle for a later step.

Fire up the glue-gun and start foldin' and gluin'...

 You'll need at least 6 folded circles for the larger petals and 5 for the smaller ones.
Glue the larger petals onto the felt circle, overlap for a fuller look.
After folding and gluing the smaller circles, glue them on top of the larger petals...until it looks like this...
I covered a button for the centre.
Glue the flower to the headband and then add a second felt circle over the headband, for extra support.

And here's a little monkey jumpin' on her bed...just for fun:)
Whenever Spring comes...we'll be ready!

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