Thursday, February 3, 2011

U.R. HOT! funny story.
Waaaay back when I was...ahem...16...and Joel and I first started dating...I was over.the.moon.!

So over.the.moon. that I swooned...and swooned...and yes...swooned some more!
I shared, with my best friend, how giddy I was...and it went something like this;
"He's SOOOOOOOO cute...and soooooo hot and he likes me. ME? ME!!"
{Insert 16-year-old squeal here.}

Fast forward 5 years to our wedding reception.
My sister comes to the podium, to welcome Joel into our family. 
And what does she say?
You are not going to believe this...
She shared that story! With all 320+ guests.
If I hadn't been so giddy {yes, I was still giddy 5 years later!} I might have been embarrased!
Instead, I just hard...I nearly cried.
I probably was a little red in the face!
I'll just say this...I definitely wasn't the only one laughing!

To celebrate our 19 year-young-love...I made this for my hubby for Valentine's Day.
I'm going to leave it on the dash of his truck...
The process was as straight-forward as it looks!
1. Punch a tag.
2. Stamp the Message.
3. Fill the bag with goodies.
{If you're thinking...that's a BIG box but a small's 'cause I ate the rest!}
4. Tie with a ribbon.
5. And...voila!

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