Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I'm Celebrating!

Today's a BIG day for me over here in my little piece of the blogosphere!
I've reach 60 followers...yippeeee!
It wasn't too long ago that I was thrilled when I reached 20...then 30...and now 60!
It flatters me that to think that 60 people enjoy what I write enough to keep coming back.

So, I'm celebrating.
I'm celebrating by placing my blog in the Blog Guidebook listing.
~click on the picture to visit their bee-utiful blog~
This fun little blog lists other blogs by category.
They post tips for improving your blog.
Tips for utilizing all the Blogger tools.
And...the listings will give you a list of reading materials for days weeks to come!
I think their tag-line sums it up beautifully...for all things bloggy!
So, why not head on over and check them out?
You'll be happy you did!
I promise!



  1. Congratulations!!!!Oh I would love to do this too. Will you please post the link. Thank you so much for sharing. Big Hugs! Katherine


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