Sunday, February 13, 2011

happy {heart} day

Happy {heart} day arrives in t minus 1.5 hours.
We're ready to go!

The girls decided to tell their classmates that they 'rock'.
You'll need paper, stamps, an ink-pad and some goody bags.
Cut and fold the paper to match the size of your goody bags.
Stamp your message, fill your bags and staple together.
 Kieran on the other hand wasn't quite in the spirit. 
I won't tell you what message he wanted to send...but I will say it would have involved a bag-full of sour soothers and a sassy lil' note.
He thought he was being funny.
I didn't see the humour!
He'll be taking prepackaged hugs 'n kisses...and NO sassy lil' note.

Their teacher's will receive a little lovin' too.
Aero bars with customized packaging...
You can find a tutorial for the wrappers  here...
Joel will receive the special gift that I made here ~ a fun way to reminisce about times gone by!

Here's wishing you a sweet happy {heart} day.

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