Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sweet Winter Decor

And by sweet I mean...Happy {heart} day.

One of my favourite days of the year.
Well...not really...but when it comes to decor, why not?
Especially when you're tempted with pinks and white's and lime greens.
Look at these beauties.
Who wouldn't be tempted to add a little sweetness to the home decor with these little lovelies?
Seriously, I think I could just throw them on the piano and call it a day!

But, that wouldn't be much of a post, would it?'s the real plan...
Take down all the blues and silvers and greens that were my Christmas mantel.
Replace with some sweetness.

I began by hitting-up the Micheal's post-Christmas-everything-is-ridiculously-cheap-sale.
The really-are-they-making-any-money-at-all-at-this-price-sale?

I came home with an armload of goodies...goodies for less.
Less, as in the picks were 19 cents each.
I told you - ridiculously cheap!
Of course, I used my 50% off coupon the wreath form.
 Ready? Set? Craft...

Nothing says sweet like ruffles. Right?
So, I stitched ruffles into my ribbon and fabric.
I simply folded the fabric and ribbon as I sewed a line down the centre...the outcome is really quite sweet!

I used the ruffled ribbon to cover the Styrofoam wreath form.
I piled two of my ruffly fabrics on top of one another and attached to the wreath with my trusty glue gun.

I cut the picks apart, because I'm not one to use things for which they are intended.
I poked the wintry-white berries and the shimmery leaves into the gluing them in place if I thought they wouldn't hold.

 That's it.
I know.
Ridiculously cheap.
Ridiculous easy.
Oh, and I can't resist...ridiculously sweet.

Stay tune for Sweet Winter Decor - Part 2.
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  1. Love that material! So pretty. The wreath turned out great!

  2. I am addicted to those Michael's picks as well...this really came out lovely. I think the addition of the fabric makes it pop.

    Thanks so much for linking to Creative Juice Thursday!

  3. Hey Theresa. I'm following you right back! I had a chance to check out your posts properly this morning and you are one crafty chick!

    Also, I noticed that you said you are a teacher to some amazing kids. Are they your kids? Sorry, unless things are spelled out for me I think they are cryptic! Do you guys home school?


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