Friday, January 14, 2011

Sweet Winter Decor - Part 2

Remember this?
Well 'this' kind of opened a Pandora's box for me.
After I hung in over my mantel {which is really my piano} everything else had to go!

I tried to replicate Jen's {from Tatertots and Jello} ruffly fabric balls using her tutorial.
 Her's are beautiful...see?
Everything she creates is beautiful!

Clearly, I cannot follow I had to improvise a little bit!
To make the ruffles, I sewed a stitch down the centre of the fabric and folded the fabric as I sewed.
Just like this...

Then I glued and I wrapped them around a variety of circular-shaped objects...balls, socks...
Yah, you heard me...socks!
I went to my ever-growing stash of socks-with-no-matches and balled up the sock and used it for my 'circular' shape.
I may have just lost some credibility there...but, what else are those socks good for?
Here's how they turned out...
Not bad for some old socks, fabric and a glue gun, hey?

The rest of the {mantel} didn't take much craftiness at all.
But, I am pleased with the change.

I thought of adding a picture of my kids during winter. But the one of Elle in Hawaii, playing the ukulele, brings back much warmer memories.
 It's fresh. It's sweet...and I can use the pinks in Ava's room when Happy {heart} Day passes us by for another year. 

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  1. I adore your Vignette! Love all the white! You should come by Monday and link it up to "Monday" Have a great weekend. Jen


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