Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sweet Decor

Happy Heart Day is just around the corner.
I spruced up the wintery decor with a little sweetness.
No big deal. wink

Just some carnations in an antique teapot...

A message to remind us to seek first to understand...
~listen with your heart~
 Some love notes in a bottle...especially for the kiddies...
I  used stickers strips to pretty-up the simple bottle.
The messages read...
AvaWe love you because
 You skip.
You cuddle.
Youre kind.
You play.
You smile.
You love.
Youre YOU!

Elle...we love you because
 You’re kind.
You cuddle.
You care.
You save {goals}.
You’re determined.
You’re passionate.
 You’re YOU!

Kieranwe love you because
You think.
You wonder.
You read.
Youre kind.
You skate.
You score.
Youre determined.
Youre YOU!
Oh, and...I can't forget the predictable cinnamon hearts.
Love is in the air!

I'm linking to these sweet parties...


  1. Very pretty things! I love the "love notes" to your children...very sweet. Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a really cool photo... I love it! I am a new follower!

  3. You're plate was the most viewed link at the Lil' Luna Link Partay. Congrats. It's adorable. You need to show us how it's done! :D

  4. Saw you on Lil Luna and I had to stop by to tell you how AWESOME this is! Congrats on the feature and new follower here :)


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