Wednesday, January 5, 2011

"It Doesn't Have to be Perfect to be BEAUTIFUL"

Those words right there are what hooked me.
They drew me in and made me read more...and more...and more.
They drew me away from what I thought needed to be done.
I was wrong.
Reading was what needed to be done.
Those words right there, speak to more than just surroundings...they speak to life, to love.
"It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful."
I borrowed those words from Edie of Life in Grace.
I've spent hours over there.
Reading her words and imagining that she is a fine person.
She has such passion. For her family. For her home. For life.

Edie recently lost her house in a fire. Everyone was was safe.
Her home was not lost...only the house.
That's the thing about a home, it's not tied to a house.
A home is more than a house. So much more.

Today I went back to Life in Grace to read more and read the following: "During the quiet hours of morning, there is a renegade group of blogging women who are breaking into this Life in Grace. We come, not to steal, but to shower with blessing."
When I read on, I learned that these renegades were hosting a party for people like me to share how Edie has been an inspiration.
Words that will comfort in her time of great loss.

Where to begin?

It was tricky, but I chose the one post that inspired me the most.
I could have chosen another 62...but this is THE one.

Painted Kitchen Cabinets:: Retro Turquoise Style

Oh my! 
Anyone who has the vision to paint her cabinets turquoise, have solid walls painted with chalkboard paint and the eloquence to convince her husband that this is a good idea, is a gal after my own heart.
If you haven't clicked on the link above. Do it. Do it NOW!
They are some seriously gorgeous cabinets, in a seriously F.U.N. kitchen.
So fresh. So retro. So beautiful.
Don't you agree?

I'm inspired.
I'm inspired to paint something turquoise. Anything {oooh, and I have just the THING.}
To surround myself with beauty, not perfection.
To remember that home is more of a feeling than a building.
To be serious and use humour all in the same sentence.
To be thankful.
To be a better me.

So Edie, we've never met.
But I can tell by the way you write that you're 'regular people'.
You've got it figured out.
Yet, each post you figure it out a little more.

I hear too, that it's your birthday.
Well, Happy Birthday!

Wishing you much support and strength as you find new walls to house your home.


**Edited to add...Since writing this post, I've learned that those words so beautifully strung together hail from The Nester of the Nesting Place, a beautiful blog full of more inspiration. 
Visit her!


  1. beautiful cabinets. beautiful post. thanks.

  2. She is my new favorite glad I found her and she has so spoken into my life

  3. Poor Edie! I can't imagine! It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful is actually the mantra and trademark of


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