Tuesday, January 11, 2011

11 Years Old on 1/11/2011

Today is a special day - it's 1/11/11.
It's  doubly special because it's my son's 11th birthday - 11 on 1/11/11.
That should bring some serious good luck!
In honour of this special day I've compiled a list.
A list of love.
Eleven things I L.O.V.E. about my son.

#11 - He aspires to be a Neurosurgeon or an NHL Player.
#10 - He used his Tooth-Fairy money to buy Christmas presents for his sisters.
#9 - When he says "Santa" he uses air quotes.
#8 - Despite many attempts, he refuses to wave at me during a hockey game. I think it's because he's focused. Don't try to tell me otherwise...it's because he's focused!
#7 - He refuses to eat strawberries, grapes and cherries.
#6 - His favourite foods are calamari and sushi.
#5 - His teacher told me that he's the kindest boys she's ever taught.
#4 - He was reading Magic Tree House novels {by himself} before he went to Kindergarten.
#3 - His iPod contains mostly Science pod-casts and Stuart McLean stories...and hardly any music.
#2 - He is the spitting image of his father...handsome, cool, calm and collected.
#1 - He called me 'mommy' the other day.
So, what's not to love?

He's a great kid and we are super proud of him.
 Happy birthday Kier-nay.
We love you!

~mom & dad~


  1. What a great birthday! I love the air quotes! ;)

  2. Theresa...I always enjoy reading your blog and this was so cute. So incredibility sweet that I felt compelled to comment to tell you just how cute it was.

    Kels (aka Ash's sister)

  3. What a precious mini man! Love the cool birthday! and of COURSE that's why he won't wave during his games! he's focused! ;)


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