Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sweet Decor

Happy Heart Day is just around the corner.
I spruced up the wintery decor with a little sweetness.
No big deal. wink

Just some carnations in an antique teapot...

A message to remind us to seek first to understand...
~listen with your heart~
 Some love notes in a bottle...especially for the kiddies...
I  used stickers strips to pretty-up the simple bottle.
The messages read...
AvaWe love you because
 You skip.
You cuddle.
Youre kind.
You play.
You smile.
You love.
Youre YOU!

Elle...we love you because
 You’re kind.
You cuddle.
You care.
You save {goals}.
You’re determined.
You’re passionate.
 You’re YOU!

Kieranwe love you because
You think.
You wonder.
You read.
Youre kind.
You skate.
You score.
Youre determined.
Youre YOU!
Oh, and...I can't forget the predictable cinnamon hearts.
Love is in the air!

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Take THAT Mother Nature

So, Mother Nature...
You canceled our party when you decided to dump a decade's worth of snow-storm on us.
Ava cried.
Kieran was not impressed.
We were snowed-in. So too were our guests.

Hate to rub it in M.N. but WE win.
We had our party...and you didn't ruin it this time.
Nope, not this time.
You just gave us more time to make it better.

More time to make decorations...

and cake pops...
a few cupcakes...
and plan for an ice cream bar...
and even a little trip down memory lane.
Ava circa 2006
Kieran circa 2007
  Just look at the memories we made...

Sparkling apple case you were wondering!

Take THAT Mother Nature;)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Six Things I L.O.V.E. About You!

January is a big month for birthdays in our home.
Two out of three kiddies celebrate. 
I cannot believe it, but I am actually going to miss Ava's birthday this year.
I'll be away at a Ringette Tourney with big sis.
Oh, you can bet your bottom dollar that Ava is NOT happy about this.
She has told me so many times!
It's just how it goes, little one!

You might recall big brother's can read it here.
Since fair is fair {and Ava will be the first to REMIND you of that!} ~ she deserves a top 6 list of her own.

Six reasons we love our soon-to-be-six-year-old.

#6 - Ava doesn't walk...she skips...inside, outside, up the stairs, in the snow, in the sand...she skips.
After a meeting with her teacher, during which Madame let us know that Ava likes to talk to her friends during circle time...daddy and I had a little sit-down with Ava. We explained to her the importance of listening to her teacher ~ being respectful and not taking away the right of others to learn. 
Hours later she walked skipped into the kitchen {with a little sass in her stride} and informed me that she could still hear Madame when she was talking to her friends. 
She turned and skipped away.
 #5 - She marches to the beat of her own drum...and she's proud of it!

#4 - Ava is a snugglebug. There is rarely a night she does not end up in our bed, and she doesn't come quietly {or alone}! She wiggles her way in between hubby and I, touches someone's face and takes deep breaths until she's back asleep...usually by this time, I'm wide awake! But, I would never exchange those snuggles for sleep...not ever.
#3 - Ava {hearts} anything sparkly, glitzy, glam. She's got a stash of for every occasion! And, as far as shoes go...the more sparkly, the better.

#2 - Ragelly and Ava have been best friends since...forever.
#1 - Ava has nearly put us over-the-edge {and I'm not shy about telling people that} on many occasions...her spunk, her spirit, her determination ~ those right there are the number one reasons we love our little Ava.

In an attempt to curtail the my-mom-abandoned-me-on-my-sixth-birthday-syndrome, I've put together six packages for my soon-to-be-six-year-old.
I will leave them on the table on the morning of January 28th.

Inside she'll find a few of her favourite thing...a handmade flower headband; My Little Pony toys; bracelets...all treasures to my six-year-old.

Happy Birthday Sweet Pea!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Sweet Winter Decor - Part 2

Remember this?
Well 'this' kind of opened a Pandora's box for me.
After I hung in over my mantel {which is really my piano} everything else had to go!

I tried to replicate Jen's {from Tatertots and Jello} ruffly fabric balls using her tutorial.
 Her's are beautiful...see?
Everything she creates is beautiful!

Clearly, I cannot follow I had to improvise a little bit!
To make the ruffles, I sewed a stitch down the centre of the fabric and folded the fabric as I sewed.
Just like this...

Then I glued and I wrapped them around a variety of circular-shaped objects...balls, socks...
Yah, you heard me...socks!
I went to my ever-growing stash of socks-with-no-matches and balled up the sock and used it for my 'circular' shape.
I may have just lost some credibility there...but, what else are those socks good for?
Here's how they turned out...
Not bad for some old socks, fabric and a glue gun, hey?

The rest of the {mantel} didn't take much craftiness at all.
But, I am pleased with the change.

I thought of adding a picture of my kids during winter. But the one of Elle in Hawaii, playing the ukulele, brings back much warmer memories.
 It's fresh. It's sweet...and I can use the pinks in Ava's room when Happy {heart} Day passes us by for another year. 

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sweet Winter Decor

And by sweet I mean...Happy {heart} day.

One of my favourite days of the year.
Well...not really...but when it comes to decor, why not?
Especially when you're tempted with pinks and white's and lime greens.
Look at these beauties.
Who wouldn't be tempted to add a little sweetness to the home decor with these little lovelies?
Seriously, I think I could just throw them on the piano and call it a day!

But, that wouldn't be much of a post, would it?'s the real plan...
Take down all the blues and silvers and greens that were my Christmas mantel.
Replace with some sweetness.

I began by hitting-up the Micheal's post-Christmas-everything-is-ridiculously-cheap-sale.
The really-are-they-making-any-money-at-all-at-this-price-sale?

I came home with an armload of goodies...goodies for less.
Less, as in the picks were 19 cents each.
I told you - ridiculously cheap!
Of course, I used my 50% off coupon the wreath form.
 Ready? Set? Craft...

Nothing says sweet like ruffles. Right?
So, I stitched ruffles into my ribbon and fabric.
I simply folded the fabric and ribbon as I sewed a line down the centre...the outcome is really quite sweet!

I used the ruffled ribbon to cover the Styrofoam wreath form.
I piled two of my ruffly fabrics on top of one another and attached to the wreath with my trusty glue gun.

I cut the picks apart, because I'm not one to use things for which they are intended.
I poked the wintry-white berries and the shimmery leaves into the gluing them in place if I thought they wouldn't hold.

 That's it.
I know.
Ridiculously cheap.
Ridiculous easy.
Oh, and I can't resist...ridiculously sweet.

Stay tune for Sweet Winter Decor - Part 2.
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