Saturday, December 11, 2010

Meet Frederick...He's an Elf.

I thought our family was complete after Ava was born.
{Truth be told, right after she was born, I wanted another baby - then I gave my head a shake and realized I already had more kiddies than I could handle!!}

Then Charlie came into our lives...and I thought our family was complete.
Until Friday.

On Friday, I left the wrapped book on the table for the kids.
Ava was certain it was an advent calendar.
Instead, it was their very own "Elf on the Shelf". 
They named the lil' dude...Frederick. 
All by themselves, how cute is THAT?!
Frederick is our very own elf. 
He lives with us during the day and heads back to the North Pole when the kiddies are asleep. 
When he returns to our home, he settles in a new place.
All day he watches, preparing his report for the Big Guy - good and bad. 
There is but one touching.

Kieran read the story to his sisters...but during the Friday morning rush, they had no time to actually find where he was hiding. All day he waited for them...and apparently, they thought about him.

I was witness to a very cute conversation on the way home from school.
Ava informed {because that's what she does, she INFORMS people!} her brother and sister that she was scared to look for Frederick...what if she found him? Then what? After listening to a little more conversation in the back seat, I realized that Ava thought she was looking for a LIVE elf! I love the mind of a five year old!

Elle exclaimed that she had been thinking about him ALL sweet!
That's my Elle...always thinking about others.
{Even when she should be doing something else!}

And Kieran...well...I'm thinking Kieran is just 'playing along'
Nonetheless, he said he had a plan.
He was going to use rubber gloves to pick Frederick up {his way of skirting the whole 'no-touch' rule} and put him on the couch so he can sit beside him and keep him company.
I want to believe he still believes. But, I'm doubtful.

Kind of him to keep the magic alive for his sisters...wouldn't you say?

When they came home they searched and searched and found little Freddy perched...
...right there in our chandelier.
 I love his "I'm watching you!" expression!
While they slept last night, Freddy did his duty and went back to the North Pole with his report.
Were they naughty? Were they nice?
No one knows but Freddy and the Big Guy!

Today they sleepily got out of bed for an early Ringette game, sauntered into the kitchen for some breakfast...and suddenly remembered...FREDERICK!!
Their slow shuffle turned to a frantic dash here and there...until they found him.

Where will he turn up tomorrow?

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