Monday, December 13, 2010

Five Crafts 'Til Christmas

Last week, my friend {and that order} participated in our first-annual craft show. I traveled out to meet her and we enjoyed spiced rum and egg-nog as we finished up what we should have done weeks in advance!
On my very lonely and dark {and even a little scary} 2.5 hour drive I had a lot of time to think!
No kids asking for drinks, fighting with each other, no husband asking me to change the CD...just me and my thoughts, alone in the dark. Scary!

I've teased Steph many times {and will continue to until they cave under the pressure} about moving to St. Albert so we can be closer and so can our kids...nothing better than the time spent with cousins!

Until they move closer I thought we could do a little something together...but apart...
and so {5 Crafts 'Til Christmas} was born.
Between now and Christmas Eve we plan to complete 5 Christmas crafts {or baking, or wrapping, or whatever} together...but apart.
She'll do them with her kiddies, I'll do them with mine...then I'll blog about them and we'll share them with our children via my blog.
Together...but apart.

I give you Christmas Craft #1 - {Baking}
I have to tell you that lil' miss Ava was in a foul mood the evening we decided to bake.
She had her attitude on.
She was sporting the whole arms-crossed, pouty-lipped, stomping-feet look.
Very attractive on an almost 6 year old!
She needed a little time to cool off {so did mom} so she spent the first bit in her room...Elle and I started together.
{Maybe I won't share that part with Ava!}

The Recipe - Caramel Popcorn - Y.U.M. and oh-so easy.
You'll need:
- 2 bags microwave popcorn
- 1 cup unsalted butter
- 2 cups brown sugar
- 1/2 cup Lily White corn syrup
- pinch of cream of tartar
- 1/2 tsp. baking soda

First - butter the inside of a large roaster pan...the caramel is pretty sticky.

Combine butter, brown sugar and corn syrup in a saucepan...melt and bring to a boil. Boil for 4-5 minutes.

While you're waiting, pop the popcorn. {Look who's back!}

Remove from heat and add the cream of tartar and baking soda.

Put 1/4 of the popcorn in the roaster pan and pour on caramel. Mix. Mix. Mix.
If any kernels sneak in, pick them out before adding the caramel.

Add more popcorn and caramel. Mix. Mix. Mix.
Repeat until the popcorn is coated.
Place in oven for 45 minutes at 200 degrees.

Package in jars, add a little ribbon and deliver to someone special!
While we were working on our Caramel popcorn, Steph and her boys {all three of them...none were sent to cool off!} were busy in their kitchen making gingersnaps and cream-cheese cupcakes.
They were heading out to a skating party {at minus 20} and brought these for their friends.

Check out the action...
Look at those little faces...enjoying themselves!
The Big-Brother, with the Big-Brother job!
Ashton's turn to roll...look whose little hand snuck in to the photo!
Jeremy's turn!
Packaged and ready to go!
 So...what do you think of our attempt to do things together...but apart?
Look forward to our next post...what will it be??

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  1. The boys were pretty excited to see what their cousins were up to (and to see themselves along with their cousins on your blog!)

    Did you like Jeremy and Ashton's red apron? I used to wear it when I was a kid. The twins took turns wearing it when we made our cookies. Today while we were making some more treats, Jeremy asked if it was okay if he didn't wear it because it looks too 'girly'! At least I have photos of both boys wearing it!!

    Thanks for the post!

  2. L.O.V.E. the red apron and that you wore it when you were little! Nice work getting pics before they decided it was too girly!
    Can't wait to see what we come up with our next installment of {5 Crafts 'Til Christmas}!


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