Saturday, December 18, 2010

Five Crafts 'Til Christmas - Handmade Crafts

Can you believe that Christmas is only eight  seven days away?
My kids are so, so excited about spending time with their cousins...the excitement is palpable!
I L.O.V.E. this time of year!
We kicked off our holidays by staying in our pajamas until...well...when i started writing this post, some of us were still in our pajamas!
To celebrate the onset of two weeks of freedom,
we made some more caramel popcorn and the kiddies glittered-up the place making their tree-ornaments.

We began with clear plastic ornaments (from Micheal's). 
I drew their initials with a Sharpie.
{very precise, I know!}
 Next, the kiddies glued bits of Christmas cards onto their ornaments, outlining the shape of their initials. 
{Guess I should have had him put a shirt on!}

Once they had had enough of the paper sticking to their fingers were satisfied, they covered the rest of the ornament with a concoction of glue and water.
Cue sparkles...
While some of us were focused on the task at hand, others took matters into their own hands!

They didn't quite turn out how I imagined they would, but the kids had fun and we have special ornaments to hang on our tree!

 You know what the best part of this whole crafting experience was? 
Baba and Gido appeared on our doorstep midway through the project!

Meanwhile...back in St. Paul...there was a little crafting going on as well.
All in the name of {Five Crafts 'Til Christmas} - our attempt to do things together, even though we live 250 km apart!

Fingerprint Christmas Lights...very clever!
Look at how focused these boys are!
 They are so proud of their work...just look at their little faces!

Three more crafts 'til Christmas!
Hmmm...we'll we squeeze them in??

Only a few more days until our families are all together for the holidays.
Can't wait!

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