Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Felt Gift Bags

I have so much respect for the people who spend more time with my children each day, than I do!'s not just because I'm a teacher too.
It's because they are fine people.
They inspire. They nurture. They care.

'Tis the season to thank those people for whom we are truly grateful.
When it comes to gift-giving, the distinction between useful and thoughtful can be a 'fine-line'.
I think I may have gotten it right this time.

What's my solution, you ask?
Useful gift = Starbucks Travel Mug + Gift Card
{mug picked out by the kiddies with zero input from mom} 
The mug is solid, comfortable to hold and stylish.

Thoughtful gift = handmade felt gift bag + rosette pin.

I really, really love the bags that Stephanie Lynn of Under the Table and Dreaming created.
So elegant and beautiful.
 I adapted her idea to fit a travel mug.

First, I used stitch-witchery to attach two pieces of felt together.
Next, I pinched the bottom {see photo} and applied another piece of stitch witchery.

I then applied more stitch witchery down both sides and ironed it in place.
Tip: Give the S.W. a chance to cool before handling it.

Then I noticed the bag was too I trimmed it!
{I'm not really big on measuring things...being accurate doesn't seem to be my thing either!}
But...lucky for me felt is forgiving. A simple trim and we were back on track!
Of course I had to reapply the adhesive strip.

I folded the top over and cut out a rectangle for the 'handle'.
{Sorry - no photo.}

The rosette is also made from felt. 
It's a removable pin that would also look lovely on a lapel or on a purse.
You can see my tutorial here for paper rosettes - it's the same process, only use felt instead of paper.
{It's easier than it looks!}

Ready for packaging.
 The final product...

I think our 'Madame's' will appreciate their gifts.
I hope that they bring them comfort when it's time to return to school:)


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  1. great idea!! I like how you don't measure and it still comes out fantastic ;) Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. looks amazing! Great idea. i would love to make a few for my kids' teachers.


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