Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sweet Sentiments

Today I am linking up to one of my favourite parties...
 Why is it one of my favourites?
Let me count the ways...

number 1 ~ It allows me the opportunity to slow-down and celebrate what really matters.
number 2 ~ I l.o.v.e. reading about the things that matter most to others.
number 3 ~ It validates ideas like...there-is-no-better-way-to-decorate-than-with-things-that-matter...which I happen to subscribe to!
number 4 ~ My readers can read about what makes my heart go pitter-patter.

Reasons enough?
You bet!

When in Kindergarten, each of my kiddies have visited the local art gallery and sculpted creations from clay. Usually, these clay creations come in the form of plaques...we have tooth-fairy plaques {complete with a tooth holder}; plaques of our provincial flag; and plaques featuring yours truly sculpted, from clay, by 5-year-old hands.
Of all those plaques that have somehow survived the trip home in the backpack, my favourite {by far} are the mommy and daddy day plaques.

I've been on these fieldtrips and each time have been amazed.
A skilled crafter guides the children through each step.
They're all ears {and hands in clay up to the elbow} as they craft, fearful of missing a step...this is important work.

"Roll a ball for the head."
"Cut a rectangle for the body and another four for the arms and legs."
"Poke holes for the eyes and nose. Draw a mouth."
"Does your mommy wear glasses? She does? Use the pointy tool to draw them on her face!"

And yet, even with these clear, concise, step-by-step two are alike.
Each is made with love.
Each is unique.
Each is a precious gift.

Today I share our precious gifts.
They have a new home in my new {to me} craft room.
They are the first sentimental item that I have hung {okay, leaned!}as I carve out my niche.

They are there to remind me what is really important.
Daddy &Kieran ~ 2005
Mommy & Elle ~ 2008
Mommy & Elle ~ 2009 {We moved Elle made two.}
Our Priceless Collection
How do you show off your priceless collections?


  1. I am laughing through tears, these are so precious and funny at the same time. I know much love was put into each one, what a treasure to have hanging in you craft room. Craking up that you are spotted in one, so stinkin' cute and the happy arms of you husband up in the air, oh and the giant tie and the glasses---priceless. Thank you for sharing and making my morning.

    Okay I have so much more to say---- I am inspired by the clever way you hung them, it makes such a statement with them all together, great job.

    Finally, Thank you for your support of my little project, your words are so moving, so nice to have like hearts along this journey. You are a blessing.

    Finally again..... (sorry I ramble) Your writting is beautiful, I need to pay you to write my stuff, I never seem to get all that I want out through the written word (I am sure it is because I need my hands to talk).

    Have a great day,
    Cha Cha

  2. These are so cute and I love the story behind them. I couldn't agree more that our homes should be decorated with meaningful items like these made with love. Thanks for sharing!


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