Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sealed with a {Reindeer} Kiss

Those lovely Shutterfly Christmas cards of ours arrived in the mail today.
Just in time for the 1st of December!

We want to send them out beginning tomorrow, so we set to work prettying-up the envelopes.

We began with some silly, over-tired kids and their goofy smiles.
Well...their smiles are really not part of the plan...but they are sweet, aren't they?!

We used those little fingers that they're showing off...
Added some antlers, eyes and a very, shiny nose {sing it with me!}.

And we sealed each Christmas card with a Reindeer Kiss.

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  1. LOVE the reindeer kisses!
    You continue to amaze me with your incredible ideas!

  2. So cute, I love the top ten. I have always loved the Christmas letter idea but it is WAY out of my ablities, I could do a top ten list though. You have inspired me for next year, you smart girl.

    The pictures are great and what a cool touch the reindeer add.

    Thanks for linking up,
    Cha Cha

  3. I love the top 10, and reindeer kisses...OH Theresa your incredible!

  4. Your reindeer kisses are so sweet, nobody will want to break the seal!!!

  5. That is a really cute idea!
    I wouldn't want to open it up!!

  6. I LOVE this!!! How cute this would be!

  7. I love your Christmas card...and the reindeers are too CUTE!!!!

  8. What a great Christmas card idea! I absolutely adore it!

    PS - I love that your blog header includes your dog. I am a dog lover myself. :)


  9. This is the cutest thing EVER!!!
    I'm featuring this on my blog today!
    Hope you don't mind!


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