Monday, November 29, 2010

Fabric Bracelets

So, a while back I agreed to participate in a craft show with my sister-in-law.
My obsession with rosettes was in its early stages so I had all sorts of ideas swirling around in my head.
I also figured I had a all sorts of time to get prepared.
Fast forward 2 months.
The craft show is one week a way and until yesterday, all I had prepared were the items I posted about here.
I'm happy to report that I've made some progress!

I've seen fabric covered bracelets floating around blog-land, but I have never actually seen them at a craft show.
You know where I'm heading, don't you?!

A few weeks back {when I still thought I had loads of time to prepare!} I stumbled upon cheap {14-cents-each-cheap} metal bracelets...and I bought out the place!

I paid a visit to the local fabric store and forced myself to visit only the bargain corner...
I'm glad I did, because I found some treasures...just check out these beauties!

Then I set to work tearing fabric into strips.
I learned a valuable lesson...not all fabric tears easily.
Who knew?
Probably the rest of humanity...but not I!!

I warmed up the glue gun and put a little dab on the inside of the bracelet.
I attached the fabric to the still-warm glue and began wrapping.

Each strip overlapped the previous...and so on.

I applied a dab of glue every now and again to keep the fabric snug.

Finally, I trimmed the fabric strip to fit and hot-glued it to the bracelet.

So far, this is what I've come up with...

What do you think...would you wear one?
Thanks for visiting!

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  1. Very CUTE! They would make fun stocking stuffers!

  2. I love your bracelets! The fabric colors are so vibrant, thanks for stopping by Spunky Junky;)



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