Thursday, November 4, 2010

Crafting for Christmas

Like every year before...this one is zooming by...
Like every year before...I'm determined to matter how busy.

I cannot believe that Halloween has come and gone and in about one month I'll be sitting with my sister-in-law, catching up on months of too-busy-to-keep-caught-up-bad-choices...all the while selling our wares at our first ever Christmas Craft Sale!
Can you feel my excitement?!

The process to decide upon my product was a short one!
No process really.
If you've been following me, you know that I've fallen in love with rosettes.
Heck, I even put them on my pumpkins!
See them here if you wish!

On a side note {you'll see how this ties in as you read on!}...I'm working on carving a niche out of  what the kiddies have so aptly named..."The Messy Craft Room!"

From my computer my eyes burn as I can see what's left of that horrible peach colour...{insert chill traveling down spine here} I chose so many years ago. It's offset so nicely with the Benjamin Moore Brown Horse trim that I managed to slap on the walls tonight!

But soon. Very soon.

Anyway...This weekend, after my little niche is finally complete I'll post pictures {none from before, they would burn your eyes!} I'll be setting to work, creating rosettes to my little heart's content. {sigh}
Pins. Headbands. Bracelets. Necklaces. Packaging. 
You. Name. It.

Want a peek?
No rosettes...yet:)

Visit Our Humble A{Bowe}d's Etsy Shop for one of your own prints!

I can hardly wait to get to work!
Do you have any other ideas for products I could embellish with rosettes?
Leave me a comment ~ they make my day!


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  1. how about making rosette shoe clips?

    because that's what i'm working on for a pair of my too plain jane ballet flats. just a thought.

    i love rosettes! your last photo is so pretty & i love the colors!

    your layout is looking good!

    have a super weekend.

    p.s. i just sent in my application to do our local farmers market turned holiday market in dec. hoping i didn't send it in too late. i'm anxious. fingers crossed.


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