Wednesday, October 27, 2010

You've Been Boo'd!

I had to wonder about my parenting when I announced that we were going to 'boo' our neighbours and this was the response I received...
"So...we're going to stand in front of their houses and boo them? For real?" 
Read {Seriously mom, you've got a problem!}
"Then we're going to play ding-dong-ditch?"
Seriously...where do they learn these things?!

Oh boy...I had some 'splainin' to do!'s like this...
We gather goodies and create little tags letting our neighbours know they've been boo'd.
It's like spreading Christmas Cheer...only it's Halloween.
Got it?
I found the graphics through Making Memories...who found them through The TomKat Studio.

{Okay Mom, we get it now!}
Then, we take these little packages and sneak up to our neighbours doors, put the package in the mailbox, ring the doorbell and RUN!
Some houses are a little trickier...especially the ones where you can see the person sitting in the living room window!
These take special skill...
The skill of a ninja...
Crouching children...Hidden goodies?!
{We giggled so hard because we could see our neighbour watching our hilarity...I wonder what she thought when she opened the door and we weren't there!!}

Next, we talk about how the neighbours might react to being boo'd.
What do you think they said?
Do you think they ate the goodies right away?
Do you think they'll keep the fun going?
Would you like to be boo'd?

I knew my message had gotten through when my own doorbell rang and this is what I saw when I opened our door...
 I wondered where Ava and Elle were going with something in plain view inconspicuously hidden behind their backs!

I think we've cleared up what it means to be boo'd!

Happy Haunting!

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