Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wee Little Witch

Ava and I visited our local Frabricland store to stock up on tulle for her tutu-inspired witch skirt.
She immediately got that giddy-little-girl smile and pointed in awe at a costume hung from the ceiling.
"Mommy. I want to be THAT for Halloween."
"Dorothy, from the Wizard of Oz?"
"Yes!! I want to wear THOSE shoes and THAT dress."
{Insert voice that's about to disappoint daughter here.}
"Oh sweetie, I can't sew that."
"You can buy it!"
"Not that one. You buy the pattern and the fabric and you SEW it."
 {Insert disappointed daughter voice here.}

I was about to suggest that perhaps Auntie Anna or Baba could sew it for her...who am I do disappoint a little girl at Halloween? when she ran over to the Halloween-inspired fabrics and exclaimed, "We could use this for my witch skirt, Mommy!"
{Disaster averted!}
You've gotta love how little minds work!

The goodies I used:
- lilac, black & polka-dotted tulle
- black grosgrain ribbon
- glue gun
- sewing machine
- pre-made rosettes (3 packs for 99 cents)
- felt remnants
- dollar store arm band
- 99 cent velvet witch hat
- various embellishment from my stash

The approach I took:
1. Measure the itty-bitty waist of the soon-to-be witch and cut the ribbon, adding extra length just to be sure.

2. Cut the tulle into 1.5 inch strips.

2. Fold the strips in half and tack over the grosgrain ribbon.

3. Dust off the sewing machine {oh, maybe that's just me!}. 

4. Thread the machine with black thread and cross your fingers that this works!

5. Stitch the tulle onto the ribbon...I put one stitch around the bottom. 

6. Attach orange pom-pom fringe with hot glue {I was not about to attempt sewing that on!} to cover the stitch.

I added a felt rosette to the waistband for interest.
I found this little gem at Dollarama, but of course I couldn't leave well-enough alone!
I removed {gently so it can be reused} the jewel and replaced it with a rosette.
I added purple sequins to the centre for a little glitz.
Bling fit for a witch!
I whipped up a few more rosettes and made them in to brooches.
My wee little witch can wear them on her dance body-suit for her Halloween party...or we can attach them to her black blazer {a Goodwill score!} when should the weather turn foul!
{It tends to snow around here on Halloween!}

I also accessorized her pointed hat with some Halloween ribbon, silver rosettes and a pompom fringe to match her skirt.

 Fashion-show time!
Music please...

The pictures were all so cute, that I couldn't choose just one to show!
Thanks for indulging me!

Before you go, I'd like to share with you, my favourite story-book witch.
Her name is Winnie...Winnie the Witch
by: Valerie Thomas & Korky Paul
She's a fun-loving modern-day witch who gets herself in to trouble by taking the colour out of her world and messing with the seasons.

I believe there are 6 books in the collection and she even comes with her own website:
{Once a teacher, always a teacher...right?}


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