Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Our basement has always been the place in our home that receives the left-over TLC.
It is often the dumping-ground when times get busy...the last to be tidied. The last to be cleaned.
But that is about to change...and yesterday the process began.

While in Seattle this summer, we decided that we were going to gather visual memories from our travels {prints, pictures, the like...} and create a memory wall in our family room.
The idea is actually borrowed from my dear friend Ashleigh...whose family has done this for years!

Months ago, I began collecting inexpensive frames. 
Basic frames, some with white matting, others without.
If they weren't already black...I sprayed them black!
Then they sat in my craft room for months...waiting...waiting...waiting!

I took my own stroll down memory lane as I perused our photo files deciding on which needed a home on our wall of memories. 
I whittled my list down to a manageable fourteen...and I set to work arranging the frames.

After tapping many holes in the wall {don't peek behind those frames!} this is what I came up with...
 {I'm thinking about putting colourful paper/fabric behind the letters that spell 'memories'.}

Our Hawaii trip is not yet on this wall...but you will find those memories in a collage in our master bedroom.
That's our Elle walking in the ocean on Waikiki Beach. {sigh}
As I was writing this post, I giggled just a little as I realized that we have no less than four photo collages in our home! Keep in's a little bungalow! 
Everywhere you turn...there's a photo collage!

In our front entrance...
In our living room...
 The only art in our the priceless kind...the kind made of memories!

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  1. how fabulous! your walls look wonderful decorated with photos from all times of everyone's life in your family!

    love how you displayed them as well. whenever i go to someone's house to visit (outside of the intial impression of walking in their home) the first place i will go to look is a gallery wall. it tells such a great story!

    wonderful post.


  2. I love it, art should be meaningful and what is more meaningful than family and our memories. Thank you for linking up and for inspiring me to start on my photo wall. I hope you have a wonderful week.

    Cha Cha

  3. I have something similar in my hallway. I love using black and white frames. It makes the pictures in them what's special. Good luck on that basement. You can do it! Lisa!


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