Monday, October 4, 2010

Recycled Table

So, I've had these old table legs sitting in my basement for years. 
I kid not...actually years!
They came from my friend Steph, and I dare say, that they had been in her basement for years before they were in mine!
Another item almost sent to Goodwill because I was tired of storing them.
Things happen for a reason...I guess!

I sent the legs home with my father-in-law and asked begged him to make me a table for my room...a vanity table of sorts.
So...he did.
And...because I'm who I am, I changed my mind {maybe even before the table was actually made!}
I decided on something else...which you can check out here.

Because my FIL had worked so hard...and I had, after all, begged him...I had to find a new home for this table.
One day, while watching my littlest pianist perched precariously above the chair, atop a few phonebooks...I had an A-HA moment!
Are you thinking what I'm thinking?!

Hubby sawed off a section of the legs...I'm certain it's not the exact height of a piano bench...but then again, neither was the chair!

I whipped out that pretty robin's egg blue paint...
Found a little piece of sandpaper...
And set to work.

One coat later....
Then two...
A touch of sanding...

Our NEW piano bench.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I love refurbing and refurbed furniture. You just love it so much more than bought pieces because you created it. i hope you enjoy your new beautiful piano bench!!!


  2. Great piano seat!! Turned out perfect!


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