Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Spooktacular

I feel as though this party is the culmination of what has been a really great Halloween {season}...if I can call it a season;)
Our home has been filled with projects and crafts a-plenty.
But, I think this is the one I am most pleased with.

In a few hours Ava will celebrate her very first Halloween Party.
She will play {g}host to 15 little goblins.
We'll play games, make bracelets, decorate goody bags...we'll munch and mingle.

I mentioned in previous posts that I have wanted to create a party table for a really l o n g time. I've wanted to take the time to create something festive and whimsical.
The process of creating this table has been a lesson in patience...taking the time to think things through and do it right the first time...something that can be painful for a gal like me who likes to jump in with both feet...and think later!

I guess it's true...patience does pay off...slower is better!

Do you want to see what I did??
Rather than walk you through each step...I'll share what went well and what I'd change for next the end of the post.
Here goes...
In all her Halloween glory!
Cents-a-bottle water...all dressed up.

Choctacular Treats

Pinwheel Lollies
Mini-playdoh...watching you.

Spider pins...they're the same ones I used on the invitations.
The view from above {the table}.
So...what went well?
I.Went.Slow...that's what! 
Besides that...
~ I learned so much from visiting other blogs ~ there are A LOT of really talented people out there!
~ I spent a minimal amount of money...I'm not sure of the exact total, but it was under $50! I stayed true to the dollar store and I used what I already had at home!
~ I found a pack of 12 bottled waters for 99 can't get any cheaper than that!
~ I waited for the week before the big H to buy themed-goodies...50% = :)
~ Sticking to a few colours {lilac, lime, black & orange} helps create unity.
~ Those colours scream Halloween without screaming tacky!
~ Symmetry is can be a beautiful thing ~ I'm not ready to commit to that yet!
~ I'm going to have one happy little 5 year old when she wakes up in the morning and sees her table!

What would I do differently?
~ For those of you who know me personally, you know that time management is not my forte! I thought I had left just a few things for the last minute...I was wrong!
~ I think I made about 8 different trips to Micheal's! Lots of sales maybe this one belongs on the first list!
~ I didn't put an RSVP date on the I didn't have final numbers until Thursday...too late! 
~ I wouldn't wait as long to do tackle a project like this...I had a blast {again...maybe this belongs on the first list!}

What do you think? Leave me a comment...I love the feedback!
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  1. What a spectacular party! Who couldn't have a fabulous time with all that wonderful goodness?

  2. Wow, awesome party. You did a wonderful job of pulling it all together. Love the fun colors and the fun style. Very sweet bio -- I'm following!

  3. What a cute way to dress up the playdough {and everything else}. Love those googly eyes!

  4. What an adorable party table! Love it. . you did a wonderful job. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Your whole party turned out amazing!! Love those play-dough canisters with eyes!! Adorable!
    Thank you for sharing it at the Prett Packages Party!


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