Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Photo Gallery

Yesterday was an end of an era.
A little dramatic?
We {g}hosted our final Kindergarten Halloween bash...that's more Halloween {for Kindergarten} parties in this home!
I think it's safe to say we went out with a bang!
13 lady bugs, princesses, vampires, witches, Mario and a knight filled our little home with giggles and smiles!
They were sooo cute! So cute in fact, that for a minute I wished I still taught Kindergarten!

Take a walk with me...and let's celebrate the wonder of Halloween through the eyes of a child!
Waiting for more guests.
Dancing after some pin-the-mustache fun!
When can I get my hands on this stuff?
Balloon fun!
Crafting Halloween bracelets.
"We're watching you!"
My Elle...such a good helper and big sister!
Monsier le Knight!
Pin the mustache on Scream...You're getting warmer!
Popping for prizes!
All smiles!
Did you host a Halloween Spooktacular for kids this year? Will you Next Year?
I'd love to read all about it!

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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Spooktacular

I feel as though this party is the culmination of what has been a really great Halloween {season}...if I can call it a season;)
Our home has been filled with projects and crafts a-plenty.
But, I think this is the one I am most pleased with.

In a few hours Ava will celebrate her very first Halloween Party.
She will play {g}host to 15 little goblins.
We'll play games, make bracelets, decorate goody bags...we'll munch and mingle.

I mentioned in previous posts that I have wanted to create a party table for a really l o n g time. I've wanted to take the time to create something festive and whimsical.
The process of creating this table has been a lesson in patience...taking the time to think things through and do it right the first time...something that can be painful for a gal like me who likes to jump in with both feet...and think later!

I guess it's true...patience does pay off...slower is better!

Do you want to see what I did??
Rather than walk you through each step...I'll share what went well and what I'd change for next the end of the post.
Here goes...
In all her Halloween glory!
Cents-a-bottle water...all dressed up.

Choctacular Treats

Pinwheel Lollies
Mini-playdoh...watching you.

Spider pins...they're the same ones I used on the invitations.
The view from above {the table}.
So...what went well?
I.Went.Slow...that's what! 
Besides that...
~ I learned so much from visiting other blogs ~ there are A LOT of really talented people out there!
~ I spent a minimal amount of money...I'm not sure of the exact total, but it was under $50! I stayed true to the dollar store and I used what I already had at home!
~ I found a pack of 12 bottled waters for 99 can't get any cheaper than that!
~ I waited for the week before the big H to buy themed-goodies...50% = :)
~ Sticking to a few colours {lilac, lime, black & orange} helps create unity.
~ Those colours scream Halloween without screaming tacky!
~ Symmetry is can be a beautiful thing ~ I'm not ready to commit to that yet!
~ I'm going to have one happy little 5 year old when she wakes up in the morning and sees her table!

What would I do differently?
~ For those of you who know me personally, you know that time management is not my forte! I thought I had left just a few things for the last minute...I was wrong!
~ I think I made about 8 different trips to Micheal's! Lots of sales maybe this one belongs on the first list!
~ I didn't put an RSVP date on the I didn't have final numbers until Thursday...too late! 
~ I wouldn't wait as long to do tackle a project like this...I had a blast {again...maybe this belongs on the first list!}

What do you think? Leave me a comment...I love the feedback!
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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

You've Been Boo'd!

I had to wonder about my parenting when I announced that we were going to 'boo' our neighbours and this was the response I received...
"So...we're going to stand in front of their houses and boo them? For real?" 
Read {Seriously mom, you've got a problem!}
"Then we're going to play ding-dong-ditch?"
Seriously...where do they learn these things?!

Oh boy...I had some 'splainin' to do!'s like this...
We gather goodies and create little tags letting our neighbours know they've been boo'd.
It's like spreading Christmas Cheer...only it's Halloween.
Got it?
I found the graphics through Making Memories...who found them through The TomKat Studio.

{Okay Mom, we get it now!}
Then, we take these little packages and sneak up to our neighbours doors, put the package in the mailbox, ring the doorbell and RUN!
Some houses are a little trickier...especially the ones where you can see the person sitting in the living room window!
These take special skill...
The skill of a ninja...
Crouching children...Hidden goodies?!
{We giggled so hard because we could see our neighbour watching our hilarity...I wonder what she thought when she opened the door and we weren't there!!}

Next, we talk about how the neighbours might react to being boo'd.
What do you think they said?
Do you think they ate the goodies right away?
Do you think they'll keep the fun going?
Would you like to be boo'd?

I knew my message had gotten through when my own doorbell rang and this is what I saw when I opened our door...
 I wondered where Ava and Elle were going with something in plain view inconspicuously hidden behind their backs!

I think we've cleared up what it means to be boo'd!

Happy Haunting!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Choctacular Treats

Tonight my little Ava and I set to work...making goodies for her first-ever Halloween spooktacular!
I've wanted to make my own chocolate bar covers ever since I found Amy Atlas...amazing!

If you've been following me as I plan the big spook, you know that I'm attempting my very first party table...and that I'm trying to accomplish it on a shoestring!
So good!

Today I visited Dollarama for Aero chocolate bars...69 cents each. Not bad.
I rummaged through my scrapbooking paper and found some cast-offs that would be perfect for this role.
Then I set to work.

I carefully removed the outer Aero wrapper...carefully preserving the foil...I think it's a perfect shade of copper for a Halloween party.
I thought I'd keep one wrapper in case of allergies...then mom's and dad's can check the ingredients.
I measured the wrapper against some plain black paper and cut enough pieces for all the bars {10 so far}. Then I taped the paper together on the back-side.
I added a strip of paper that match my pin-wheels that I celebrated here...I used whatever lengths and widths I had on hand.
{For some reason, I have no picture of this step...use your imagination!}

Yesterday I emailed my sister and buttered her up with a little you're-my-favourite-sister talk and asked her to print me some Halloween tags from Cap Creations. Adorable!
{My printer is the black-and-white variety...I know...we live in the dark ages!}

I cut-out the tags with the craft scissors and Ava set to work with her glue-stick.
Glue-sticking takes a lot of  concentration when you're 5!
Here is what we {together really is better} came up with...I'm in love...
 We're one step closer to the party table! 

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