Tuesday, September 28, 2010


This weekend I accomplished something that was not even on my radar a mere year and a half ago.
I put myself out there. I set a goal. I pushed myself.
I. Did. It!
Let's travel back in time about a year and a half. I participated in my first woman's run. 
It was hard. Really hard. 
I had a sore ankle. I didn't want to drop out because of that sore ankle.
I should have.
But I didn't. And I finished.

I finished my first 5 km race. With the help of some of my dearest friends. I could not have done it alone.
Definitely not.
A good friend is someone who can convince you to do something when you're doubting yourself.
 Then came more races. The Run for the Cure; The second annual Woman's Race; Canada Day Race...all completed with the slightest of improvements.

Then came the biggy..."Let's do a 10km race. It'll be fun. If you can run for half an hour, you can run for an hour. It's in BANFF. In the beautiful rockies. It's a weekend away."

Sign. Me. Up.

That was 9 months ago.
I had lots and lots and lots of time to train. I did. For a while.
Then summer came along. 'Nuf said!
Before I knew it...race day was three weeks away. YIKES!
Then 2 weeks...still hadn't run 10 consecutive kilometres. Uh-oh!
Then 1 week...how bad can it be?!

Time to head to the majestic Rocky Mountains with a truck load of girls!
My right-hand gal and I caught up for nearly 5 hours ~ all the while trying not to disturb the scholars in the back who click-clicked away on their laptops.
Wish I had a picture of that!

Then the sun set. The chatting continued. It got dark. It rained.
We missed our turn.
Didn't even see the small green sign that said 'Banff'...missed it completely.
We talked about signage. Too little signage for such an important turn.
We decided we should write letters.
We won't.
In the dark. In the rain. In the construction...we drove...and drove...and drove...with no place to turn around.
Then finally...a break in the road and a sigh of relief. We were back on track!

Checking in to our hotel proved to be another challenge.
We drove up a mountain...and down a mountain...up a mountain...turned around on the mountain...found a hotel.
Went to check in. No reservation.
No good.
Then the ever-clever Ashleigh asked the ever-important question, "This is the Tunnel Mountain Resort, right?" WRONG.
Explains why they had no reservation for us!
Cross the street. Check in. Crash.

Countdown to race...12 hours...or less. YIKES.

Woke up early. Ate breakfast. Enjoyed Starbucks. Fought stomach cramps. Good times.
Fueling up with Starbucks.
Thankful that the race organizers were prepared!

Picked up the t-shirts...

And picked up our race bibs. No turning back now.

Sore hamstring = runner turned cheerleader!
That is the look of fear....a yellow bib = 22 km. GO ALEX!
Picked up the beer tickets. Yes. Beer tickets. If you run 10 or 22 km - you deserve a beer! Reasoning that makes sense to me!

It was a blustery day. We returned to the truck and huddled for a little pep talk.
My 120 Pound Journey...check it out here. SO inspiring.
Being moved to 'do it'.

Time to head to the start line. More stomach cramps. No good.
High Fives all around.
Bring it on!
Still smiling!
The view from our vantage point.
And we're off...
Tick. Tock. Tick.
And then the runners begin to arrive...and our runner-friend turned cheerleader/photographer was ready.
Thanks Ashleigh:)
Janie set a PR (personal record) - ZING!

That right there, is the look of hard work!

22 km later...way to go Alex!
Beer time.
Cheers to great friends and taking risks!
With our races under our belts, it was time to relax and enjoy the Rocky Mountain air.
Dinner. Shopping. Coffee. Wine.
22 km's will do this to a gal - just sayin';)
A well deserved coffee...complete with good conversation.
And so our weekend drew to a close.
And what a weekend it was.
Thanks friends:)



  1. How fantastic for you! That's a heck of a milestone...and how wonderful that you have such a lovely support system. Congrats! Now, what's next?

  2. I am so proud of you! I see many many more miles in your future (and Charlie's)

    "The higher the climb, the better the view"

    Can't wait to see you at the next race... and a future blog about your first half marathon. If you can run for an hour, you can run for two...the adventure continues!

  3. I can't believe I am just reading this update now...great job!


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