Sunday, August 29, 2010

'Tis the Night Before School

And all through our nest,
The children are dreaming about doing their best.

The lunches are packed with good food to nourish,
So my little scholars are ready to flourish.

The shoes are all ready to slip on to feet,
When they walk out the door and stroll down the street.
Ready to lead and to be a good friend,
There's opportunity for success around every bend.

The backpacks are full with tools of the trade,
As they begin their journey and embark on their crusade.

The clothing is ironed and ready to wear,
For they cannot go to school completely bare!

The time has come to send them back to the grind,
To learn, to lead, to love, to be kind.

Good luck my little scholars, go forth and learn!
Appreciate each opportunity that's around every turn.

Mom xoxo

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