Monday, June 7, 2010

With a touch of paint...

About 10 years ago, my mother-in-law and I stumbled upon this church bench sitting in someone's yard. For a mere $10 I brought it home, and ever since it's been sitting in our home. Most recently it's taken root at our kitchen table.
I love that little church bench and have toyed with the idea of 'finishing' it. You see, it has been the source of many a tear - it seems that when a little bum slides across a weather-worn bench, slivers result! On more than one occasion we have had slivers and tears!

In an effort to reduce the casualties of my lovely church bench, I set out to find the perfect way to refinish my beauty. After many hours of searching and trying to imagine my bench any other way, I stumbled upon Notes from a Cottage Industry and the perfect robin's egg blue.

I sent my husband out to Home Depot with the formula in hand and clear instructions to return with paint in hand. Then the phone was my husband...after applying the formula, the paint still looked white. Nah, it's just him...he can't see the fine details...bring it home, I'm sure it's fine! After all, I found the formula online and had seen pictures of items that had been painted.

Minutes later he arrived home...yup, the paint was white! Hmmm...I thought I had been so careful and had copied the formula down, checked and double checked. What's that you say? The formula is for a quart of paint? So I guess that means that when applied to a gallon of white paint, robin's egg blue will not result! Back to Home Depot!

Later that evening I tackled my long overdue project...the paint completely transformed the bench and the space. And all it took was a touch of paint.
This little table is just too little for the space.

My newly refreshed church bench is the perfect place to tie your shoes!

One coat of paint gave the time-worn look that my bench deserves.
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