Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sweet Summertime

The countdown is on...summer officially begins in this household in 6 days!

I present to you, my list of the 25 things I'm most looking forward to this summer (listed randomly, because summertime means no structure required!).

1. Canada Day right here at home!
2. the 4th of July in Sandpoint, Idaho
3. road trip to Seattle
4. time with my 4 favourite people
5. watching for wildlife and landmarks on said road-trip
6. rendezvousing with family on Vancouver Island
7. lazy days in the Okanogan
8. friends
9. packing...without having to be strategic
10. people watching in New York
11. New York
12. New York
13. did I mention New York?!
14. celebrating 15 years of marriage with my high-school sweetheart
15. learning from Sean Covey himself in Philadelphia
16. meeting some of my mommy goals
17. finishing some good books I've started
18. running in new places
19. not having to make lunches (in the school-lunch sense!)
20. ice cream
21. camp fires
22. s'mores
23. magazines
24. lazy afternoon naps on the beach
25. sleeping in the trailer

What a wonderful life!
Let the summertime begin!


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  1. The picture above...stole my heart. Keep it coming!


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