Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Painted Pretty

I've been looking for a mirror at the local thrift stores for about 6 months now. You know when you have something in mind, it's usually difficult to find! Today, my youngest and I had a few minutes to spare before we were off to pick up her siblings from school. So with 10 minutes on our watch we headed to the local Sally Ann.

As she admired (and tried out!) the toys, I browsed through the aisle's of all the once-loved goodness.

I'm sure I let out an audible gasp when I laid eyes on this ornate mirror that stood right in front of me! It was perfect...exactly what I had been looking for! Perfect except for the silver paint that covered its' curves! Right for someone, just not for me! Nothing a little spray paint wouldn't remedy!
For a mere $14.99 she was all mine! I called my husband at work and gently begged him to pick up a can of Rustoleum Heirloom White spray paint on his way home. Yes, I was out and about, but I thought towing the three kiddies to Home Depot was asking for trouble! He agreed...luckily:) And so the transformation began.

One thing you should know about me is that the 'prep' work on these kinds of projects kills me! I'm a rush-right-in-and-get-started and deal-with-the-ensuing-mess-later kind of girl! This time however, I let my senses take over for a minute and I carefully covered and taped the mirror. In the meantime, I had my oldest daughter lay out some newspaper on the I didn't make a mess like I did the last time I wielded a can of spray paint;)

'Repurposer' in training

Then the spraying coat, two coats, three coats...four.
I was snuggling a wee one while the final coat dried and I could hear the faint rumbling of thunder way off in the distance. I dozed off for few seconds (or longer:) and before I knew it that rumbling wasn't so faint! I high-tailed it out to the backyard to save my treasure...and just in time too! The skies opened and the rain began...and continued...and continued!

Thankfully all of the spraying was complete...only the clean-up remained.
While I listened to the patter of the rain on the deck and took in the fresh rain scent and cool crisp air, I removed all of my carefully-laid newspaper and tape from the mirror...and learned, that my handy work was not fool-proof! I spent a fair bit of time rubbing over-spray off my mirror! Boo.
Lesson learned
: prep work is not worth it!
If you look closely in the lower left 'corner''ll see the mess.

With most of the mess taken care my freshly painted-pretty mirror is ready to take it's rightful place above our near-century old piano. Here's what it looked like before....the size of the window had wrong scale written all over it!

And now...
The scale is much better...and I love my antique basin and platter...but it needs a little something! Nothing a trip to Sally Ann or Home Sense won't cure!

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  1. Gorgeous! I've been search for a large mirror for a master for months... so glad you found one.

  2. Thanks for visiting! There's another one at the same place that I may just pick up for my master!

  3. LOVE that mirror! I'm a sucker for girly, ornate stuff :)


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