Monday, June 14, 2010

One Thing Leads to Another

To say I had a busy weekend is perhaps an understatement! To give a little perspective, I was looking forward to going back to work...for a break! Although it was crazy busy, I managed to complete a few DIY (is there any other way) project. Nothing like an approaching family party with dozens of guests to get things going!

For a few years now, my stand-alone shelving units have remained unfinished...a little unsightly and blah!
In need of some serious TLC ~ or at the very least a can of spray paint!

To give them a custom look (on an itty-bitty budget) we decided to finish them to match our kitchen cabinets that we refinished a few years back. Oh how I wish I had taken a before picture of that transformation! Here's what the cabinets look like now...
To begin, my husband (bless his soul!) stained the two shelving units with two coats of ebony stain. He then finished them with polyurethane. When they dried, I sanded the edges lightly to achieve the slightly worn look ~ the same finish on our cabinets.

With that long overdue project complete (for now) we thought we might tackle another! So, we pulled out our favourite Robin's Egg blue and set to work. Fighting off mosquitoes and some guests (Okay, I didn't fight the guests off, but I didn't stop working either! How rude!! Sorry Cheryl:)) I painted my chairs, the chairs we had spent hours on, removing layers, and layers of paint in a variety of hues from yellow to teal! Two of the chairs were already white, courtesy of my father-in-law - thanks Gido! I bought the chair on the right at a local Goodwill store ~ it was already that colour!

Here's where 'one thing leads to another' comes in. When I see this picture, I love, love, love the chairs...but I don't love the table (and here's the kicker) or the shelving units. Yes, that's right, I redid them and still don't love them! But we're not going to tell hubby that quite yet!

What's a girl to do?

Leave me a comment and let me know...should I paint the table and the shelving units white? I think I already know the answer!

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  1. I love your table w/ the different chairs! :) I've been wanting to add the robin egg blue in w/ my black but was nervous to..after seeing yours I love it :)

  2. How fun! I love the mix of everything.

    To assess if you want a white table, throw a white sheet over the works to get a feel for all the lightness. I'm thinking the area may float abit too much unless you add some black to a centerpiece. Trials of some sort always nail it for me!



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