Saturday, June 5, 2010

Mommy Goals for the Summer...

I stumbled upon an impromptu link party over at This Blessed Nest that I couldn't resist joining in on!
My husband and I are both teachers (lucky, I know;) so we have the whole summer to spend with our lovlies. But sometimes, when time is abundant the hours, days, weeks slip away before you know it. I want to try to prevent that by creating some mommy goals of my own...I do, after all, have three good reasons!
My three good reasons ~ Kieran, Ava & Elle

Goal #1 - Craft Time in the Outdoor Room
When school's out and the holidays begin you'll find us in the outdoor room - colouring, painting, braiding bracelets, drawing pictures...that's a promise. I can see it now...the kidlets with their craft supplies and me with my favourite cup 'o Joe, enjoying the early morning sunshine! Sweet summertime!

Original work by Ava - age 4

Goal #2 - Tackling "the worst case of messy build-up" once a week...and only once a week.
One of Ava's favourite stories is The Bernstein Bears and the Messy Room. One of my favourite lines is..."this is the worst case of messy buildup I've ever seen." Well, brother and sister Bear have got nothin' on the bedrooms in my house! It has become a bad habit of mine to spend time each day tidying these rooms. I see a problem with this on a couple of fronts...#1 What are my kids learning if I clean up the messes they make?..and #2 I have far better things to do with my enjoying those little people who are responsible for the messes!

Goal #3 - More Lap Time
My youngest has a love of laps - well, one lap in particular...mine! My goal is to let her crawl up onto my lap anytime she wants...even if it's not convenient for me. I keep asking myself...what is she going to remember when she's older? She'll certainly remember more lap time!

Goal #4 - Take Requests for Hairstyles
Truth be told...I'm attracted to pixie-cuts! My girls however, are not! They love having long hair and ask every morning for braids, ponies, name it. Of course, in the rush of the morning it's not always possible. But, in the summer we'll have all the time we need! Bring on the braids!

Goal #4 - Make Memories
There's a saying my colleagues and I use to describe the fun little extra things we do for our students...Making Memories. We should trademark that phrase! Making Memories in our family will include baking together, biking together, reading together, camping together...being together.
Make s'more time for s'mores!

Make time for sister time.

Goal #5 - What...with all that Memory Making...
...we'll be sure to need some way to capture those memories! Bring out the camera...and then DO SOMETHING WITH THE PICTURES! My kids love to look at photos of themselves...what kids don't!? Unfortunately, although I love the idea of scrap-booking each photo, I have 6300 photos sitting on my computer and only a fraction of those have made it into an album. Sad? Yes! But, I may have found a solution to my problem - digital scrap-booking. By the end of the summer I plan on creating an album for each child, capturing all the little moments (and even some of the big ones!).

Goal #6 - Get Wet!
With camping season approaching, we will be spending many hours on the beach. I do love sitting in the shade, watching my kids play in the water. But, they don't necessarily love that! They want me in the water with them ~ and I'm going to make it my goal to dive right in!

Goal #7 - Read
My son is an avid reader...always has been! He loves to talk about the books he reads, sharing the characters and the storyline...This summer I'm going to be able to converse with him, because the book he brings on holidays, is also going to be the book I bring on holidays! Move over Oprah, there's a new book club in town!

Goal #8 - Set an Example
It's a crazy world that these children are part of ~ all the more reason to be an example. I want my children to know that they are fortunate, that there are people out there who need our help. I'm not sure how, or who, or where, or even when...but sometime soon I want to give my children the opportunity to really help someone in need. Be it volunteering in a soup kitchen or at the food bank ~ I want them to experience the feeling of giving selflessly.

Three good reasons + eight attainable mommy goals = one fulfilling summer!

Let the sunshine begin!

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  1. hello!

    you have a wonderful list!
    i started smiling right away when reading about summer hairstyles & braids. so sweet & so true.
    love the part of making memories AND capturing them as well. said a camera/photo taker junkie!!! i too, need to become better at finding a place for ALL these pictures. i got to start or i will never.

    thank you for linking up! it was nice to meet you & read over your list. very inspiring.
    have a wonderful week.


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